Vintners of the UK

UK VINTNERS, UK VINTNERS, UK VINTNERS…..where, oh, where to find them? Where are the good ones? Are there few or many, and does it all just depend on where you should to go? This and more, we will have a brief look at right now!

To begin with, not all vintners in the UK are good, bad, or somewhere in between. In fact, when you truly think about it and smell the fresh wine roses, this makes complete sense. Anything similar or the same could be said of any type of company or service, for that matter. This is important to note.

Let me begin with one, known as the Vintners’ Company. Allow me to summarize an excellent description from the very main web site itself. I do quote:

“The Vintners’ Company, with its first Charter in 1363, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and in 2013 the Company celebrated its 650th anniversary! The Company’s membership consists of over 500 Freemen and Liverymen. With its origins steeped in the history….” (

The Vintners’ Company is but one such excellent choice among the many good ones from which to choose within the United Kingdom. As follows, there are more. I will but name a few…

To name a few, we also have the one of a kind vintner services and business of: UKV PLC, THE SOCIETY OF VINTNERS, YORKSHIRE VINTNERS, MERCHANT VINTNERS, THE VINTNER, and last but certainly not least … UK VINTNERS OF LONDON PLC.

One such business which catches my attention is none other than that of UKV PLC. Their main website offers a variety of wines, starting at £1,125.00 and ranging up. They offer a fine selection of wines such as the: DOM PERIGNON 2002 & 2004, LAFITE ROTHSCHILD 2008, 1982, 1986, GRUAUD LAROSE 2004, 2006, MARGAUX 2004, 2007, and many more.

THE SOCIETY OF VINTNERS offers a wide variety of wines within the business, including: AC GALLIE LTD, ABV WHOLESALE, CELTIC WINES LIMITED, and more. The idea for these vintners began in the 1960s and 1970s, by Nottingham wine merchants devoted to the best in taste….five, to be exact. To get a wine buying group in the area was the idea, and one which could truly compete within the larger market place. They grew from there, becoming a more and more recognized, national group of buyers…..ever expanding.

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