The Koch Brothers In The Operation 1888 LLC Management

Charles Koch and David Koch are estimated to be worth of $100 billion in total. Part of their wealth is what the two Koch grandsons have considered investing through a family office they have named 1888 LLC, which is a significant number of them. The office will be independent of the Koch industries, and the brothers are doing this in collaboration with the Koch is Trent May, who joined the Koch in 2011 and established 1888. The office will be liable to managing the wealth of the two brothers and also holding into consideration the taxes of the office. Also, there will be a stake in direct investments with the company and some part of stake in telecommunications.

Charles Koch is the brother to David Koch with 80 years of age. He has been a great influence on the United States politics especially with how the government is running the country. He thinks that the government is poor in handling the citizens, and even the 1930s were much better for the Americans. Koch is among the most influential wealthy tycoons, especially in political campaigns. He and his brother have been endorsing political campaigns with billions of money which he says is a strategy to protect the middle-income earners from the wrath of wealthy business people and politicians. Charles Koch also funds organizations that campaign for passing of policies considering the underprivileged in America. Over time, he has been recommending for smoother procedures in the criminal justice system so that the incarcerated can have a smoother life and opportunities after leaving the prison.

Charles Koch is now the chairperson and chief executive officer of the Koch industries the 3rd largest company in the United States. The firm deals with energy product and also manufactures environmentally friendly products like organic fertilizer, polymer and fiber. He is a good promoter of environmental policies and also funds organizations in support of environmental policies. He once received recognition from President Obama in his effort to reform the criminal justice system. Charles Koch and his brother are not supportive of corporate welfare events even when they are for the benefit of their industry. Koch says that the corporations use each other to their advantage and discrimination of the middle-income earners.