The Digital Diligence of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and Chief Information Officer for OPSkins. Before his current affairs he served as the Chief Technology Officer and president of New Ventures Incorporation. There he led start ups throughout the digital industry. Some of these operations included Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China as well as MediaPass and Xfire. Malcolm CasSelle’s investments include Facebook, ZYNGA and previously Bitcoin correlated companies. He served as an early stage investor in all of these companies.

Cassette earned his bachelors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and masters degree from Stanford University. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him and has benefited all those who have done business with him. He has taken part in over 30 investments and continues to help businesses at the ground level. He also serves as a mentor and advisor throughout the technology and digital field. The well-known digital coupon service Groupon has praised his assistance in thier expansion. They described him as being a team player and knowledgeable on many areas of culture and strategies. Malcolm has been the nucleus of some of Groupon’s most impactful projects. The fact that he has operated businesses in numerous different industries sets him apart as a leader, a diverse one.

His experience in the field continues to unlock business opportunities for many people. He is often referred from business to business as his expertise and reputation precedes him. Those who do business with him often return for future service when the opportunity presents itself. His most prominent locations of business are Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. His resume reaches across 12 different markets making him a very knowledgeable person.

His company Worldwide Asset eXchange is a digital asset for trading. And this virtual market place provides a platform for smart contracts and easyily connects buyers with sellers. A company such as this has a block-chain enabled mechanism that prevents fraud and allows users to instantly buy virtual products without leaving their game. WAX tokens serve as currency for purchasing in-game items. Malcolm CasSelle believes the gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

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