Tesla Inventions Are Good News to Copper, Says Matt Badiali

     What comes into your investing mind when you hear the name Tesla? Bad fossil fuel prices, Tesla share or charging station products maybe. To Matt Badiali, the growing success that is Tesla rings a totally different but still relevant bell. Matt has created a connection between the steady growth of demand in electric cars with an undeniable increase in the need for copper over time.

Tesla and other electric car manufactures might not yet be the biggest copper consumers but the fact that considerably more copper goes into these car’s wiring means that the demand will grow exponentially as the number of electric cars in the market goes up. If Tesla can keep producing amazing cars that convince us that we don’t really need to rely that much on fossil fuels, chances are that more and more people will start paying closer attention to the electric car bandwagon.

It only takes a steady growth in demand for the cars for copper prices to go up. However, Matt warns that it might take a while before the changes trickle down to raw copper positions since the long process between mining copper and selling it as electric wire will first have to soak up the rising demand before it can pass it down to the rest of the market.

About Mr. Badiali

Matt Badiali has earned a reputation as that investment advisor who always comes up with innovative investment ideas at all times. To Matt, the money is where not everyone dares to look. This is why you will find him traveling across the globe trying to get in touch with different markets and understand them long before the news and other journalists figure what is happening.

This has given him a considerable edge that has allowed him to latch onto different natural resource related fields long before the competition starts streaming in. His eye for killer investment has earned him editorial positions in popular investment advisory publications while also making him a renowned investor in different markets. With a master’s degree in geology, he is best placed at making investment decisions related to natural gas, oil and minerals.

Consequently, Matt Badiali has been very vocal and surprisingly accurate when calling investment opportunities in these two niches. Currently, his latest gut feeling on the possible prices of copper in the near future is not only a result of his understanding of the mineral but also a keen inspection of the immediate target market and the forces pushing it up or down.