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OSI Food Solutions expansion plans

OSI Food Solutions is the biggest food company in the world. The company has been in recent years expanding its business operation with the aim of reaching out to as many people as possible. The company which currently operates in 17 countries and has opened over 65 production plants in different places so that they can meet the high demand for their products. The company is currently under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. With these two, they have been pillars in the management of the company. All the expansion efforts that have been taking place are a direct impact of their leadership.

OSI Food Solutions has been taking various steps to expand their businesses. They have taken measures to expand domestic and international markets. In the United States, the company has acquired a production plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This is a facility that will increase food production in the local market due to the ample space available in the plant for more production. The plant measures about 220,000 square feet.

OSI Food Solutions has also expanded its food production in Europe, in Spain, they have a production plant in Toledo which produces beef, pork, and chicken products. In the last one decade, there has been an increase in the consumption of chicken products in the area. OSI Food Solutions has taken the cue and expanded its production capacity. From 12,000 tons of chicken products, they are now producing 24,000 tons every year.

Another step taken by the company is to acquire two companies in Europe. They started by acquiring Flagship Europe which has since been renamed Creative Foods and then acquired Baho Foods. The acquisitions have been made in an attempt to take the business operations dominant in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions has been recognized for the great work that it has done especially in maintaining health management and safety standards. The British Safety Council has awarded it for maintaining these standards. They won the award in 2016 that being the 11th time that they have received it since 2006. Clearly, they have consistently been offering the best food services.

Contact OSI Food Solutions: www.kununu.com/de/osi-food-solutions-germany-osi-group-inc