Securus technology is set for a big exposé against GTL

People have always had the mentality that only the old and famous companies are more inclined to do better and produce excellent results. Yes, it happens. However, what about the new kid in the block, equipped with the state of the art equipment, determination and new techniques ready to do things differently? Sure, they will produce even better results. Now this is the case with Texas’ Securus Technologies founded only 3 decades ago, in 1986. I have always vetted on it in matter of civil and criminal justice technology for public safety. The firm has systems in place to investigate monitor and correct modern correctional facilities in the United States, more information about Securus Technologies can be found on visiting this PR Newswire provided link.

During its running, I agree the company has made tremendous steps to the right direction, all towards improving productivity, profitability and satisfaction of inmates across the US. According to her recent survey, over 50% of US correctional facilities are upgrading their systems and services too. 15% was concerned in cutting costs as their approach to success, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Richard (Rich) A. Smith echoed.
In April 2015 according to Crunchbase, Securus would enter the records as the fastest growing correction system in terms of payments, emails, and inmate tablets upon signing an agreement with JPay Inc. The CEO affirmed that they could now offer anything high-end in terms of technology, which correction facilities needed most to operate a modern jail.

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In a recent report by PR Newswire dated 7 July 2016 the firm unmasked integrity breaches committed by a renowned inmate communication firm, Global Tel Link, GTL. In the report, GTL is to blame for overrating calls, when it served the Louisiana Public Service Commission PSC. Securus Technology CEO, believes that the accusations leveled against GTL by PSC are true. Allegations include,
• GTL added up t 36 seconds after call, by programming correctional institution telephone clocks.
• Charging higher tariffs on every jail calls.
• Billing calls more than once.
• Overcharging Louisiana Taxpayers, an act that is unlawful.