Securus Technologies, Expanding Greatness!

Securus Technologies is a technology center that provides some of the best communications to jails and prisons all around the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has been proving state of the art communication services to their customers since 1986. Securus recently has purchased GovPayNet which will be benefiting the company in great ways in the future.


GovPayNet is a company that handles payments in digital forms for different reasons. Some of these reasons consists of citations, tickets, electronic monitoring fees, probation fees, court fees, court fines, and many other government related issues. GovPayNet has already established a healthy clientele located throughout the entire United States. The company has thousands of agencies who they work work in order to process their payments. Since Securus has purchased the company, they will now be able to process millions of more payments for people throughout the entire country. Many people are excited for the new services that Securus now has to bring to the table since they have purchased GovPayNet. GovPayNet was founded by a former officer and the spokesperson for the company seemed very excited about the new partnership.


Robert Pickens, the President of Securus, also spoke publicly and shared his feelings about the new partnership as well. For Robert, Securus has always been geared to proving their customers with nothing but the best services. Purchasing GovPayNet is just another way for the company to expand the amount of services that they are given by the company. Pickens wanted the customers and his supporters to know that even thought the amount of services are increasing the service quality level will not change. Securus will still provide quality services to all of their customers. For Securus, the company will continue to grow more and more over the years!