Robert Ivy Believes The AIA Can Improve The Career Of Any Architect

The benefits of joining any professional trade organization are many and include the chance to network with peers, find new jobs, and explore the career protection offered by these groups.

A professional trade organization is essential in the modern career market, according to Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice-President, and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy believes the growing trend for membership of professional organizations has been of great importance to the development of his own AIA as a political force in Washington D.C.

By accepting a role within these groups, any professional has the chance to extend their career in a profitable way through the opportunities to network or take part in educational opportunities. Robert Ivy started his career in 1981 and became a principal designer at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy before moving on to become the Editor of the respected trade publication, “Architectural Record.” The many training opportunities on offer for architects across the U.S. through membership of the American Institute of Architects are one of the main reasons Robert Ivy believes membership is a must for all who qualify.

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Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the membership of the American Institute of Architects has grown with the Tulane University graduate developing many new programs designed to interest architects at all stages of their careers. A sliding scale of membership fees has been of great benefit to all members who see their annual fees change depending on where they reside for the majority of the year. Ivy does not believe earnings should stand in the way of any individual joining a trade organization with an architect working in New York City charged more for membership than a professional working in South Dakota.

Becoming a member of the American Institute of Architects provides a feeling of confidence for all clients and partners who understand an individual is working towards a high standard. Many employers regard membership of the American Institute of Architects as a plus point when a professional is applying for a job and submits a resume for a new position.

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