Protecting Prison Employees by Way of Securus Technologies

When I get in my uniform each day to work as a corrections officer in the most dangerous jail in the country, I need to be on my game or I could be seriously injured on the job. Inmates have little concern for what happens to officers, especially those serving life sentences with nothing to lose by taking out one member of law enforcement. Although we have many tools we use to keep us safe, Securus Technologies is one resource we have come to depend on for protecting us behind those prison walls.


To better understand why so many prisons around the country rely on the inmate telephone call monitoring system designed by Securus Technologies, we need to look at the people working for the company. From the CEO to the thousands of employees, each person says they are dedicated to working towards the single objective of making the world safer. The technology that the company brings to the table helps protect thousands who put their life on the line behind prison walls each day.


Once me and my team were able to get comfortable using the LBS software, we realized how essential this system really is. Not only is the call monitoring system scanning all the calls the inmates are making, it is alerting my team each time any reference to illegal activities is mentioned.


Just this month alone, we were able to stop a rival gang from starting a war in the yard because we picked up on the leader giving the order to his soldiers on the phone. We discovered where and how inmates are getting drugs into their cells. The system even helped up to identify who was bringing in excessive amounts of crack through the visitor center and handing it off to the inmates for a profit.