Peter Briger is a Skilled Private Equity Investor

Peter Briger is a Skilled Private Equity Investor

A few things seem to be more important to human lives than leadership. But, effective leadership saves lives in the hours of peril. It also makes an enterprise or organization successful. Moreover, it helps non-profits organizations to fulfill their mission. In a different chapter, the absence of effective leadership has dramatic effects. Without it, organizations will be too slow to handle daily activities thereby stagnating in the end. This is true especially when the said leader in question is not as effective as expected. But for Fortress Investment Group, that was a risk not worth taking. Consequently, the company invested in experienced leaders and Peter Briger is just one of them.

Background Information

Farseeing, courageous, determined and focused, whatever the adjectives you select, Peter Briger fits the bill. He has a winning combination of traits that define a perfect leader. Moreover, his ability to think for his team supersedes all the challenges encountered at Fortress Investment Group. Briger is a finance executive and head cheerleader. He has made significant accomplishments as a leader. Having worked at Goldman Sachs and Company for more than 15 years, he garnered vast experience from the management and attended numerous committees including Japan Executive Committee as well as Global Control and Compliance. At the same time, he headed the Asian Real Estate, a private equity business in addition to Whole Loan Sales.


Today, Peter Briger chairs the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group. Being an investment firm, he is required to make critical decisions regarding the business every other day. Apart from that, he is required to help the management oversee different portfolio and asset management roles. Also, given that the firm has about 1,000 employees, he is required to coordinate various activities in order to see that the company is successful in its endeavors.


Peter Briger is a trained professional with impressive academic qualifications from Princeton University and the Wharton Business School. He majored in a degree in arts and a master’s degree in business administration respectively. Today, he boasts of having an extensive entrepreneurial network to help him conduct different businesses.