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The temperament of Wall Street has changed considerably since the technology sell-off earlier in the year. A palpable degree of nervousness took hold, just as the spring season came to a close, and even though the summer season is typified by a low-volume market, the added sense of uncertainty made trading even more choppy.

As a savvy trader, you can take advantage of this volatility by using a proactive strategy called “Lock and Walk”. The simple rules of this regimen are to buy near support, and sell near resistance, but if support breaks, step out. Another important rule of Lock and Walk that perfectly compliments a choppy market is that if the strategy has 67 basis points to gains, it is designed to shut down and wait until the next trading session before resuming operations.

Lock and Walk as a strategy typically uses double ETFs for the NASDAQ to take advantage of trading cycles over a fixed period of time. With no long term positions, traders can quickly react and adapt to rapid market changes. The trading instruments employed are Proshares Ultra, and Ultra Short QQQ (ETF). Although sometimes quite volatile, if used with discipline, they can be very effective.

In the ever-changing world of online trading/training websites, Netpicks stands out as one of the best formats to employ Lock and Walk, or any other market strategy that you fancy. Netpicks was founded in 1996, right at the inception of online trading, and over the years has survived and thrived in an increasingly competitive field. They focus connecting people with the trading system that best fits their needs and skill level. Watch and learn from their tutorial videos on

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, CEO Mark Soberman and his staff of trading professionals bring a wealth of over 25 years of personal trading experience, and 17 years of educational background to the table. Every member of the Netpicks coaching team is a past and current active daily trader. A perfect example of their commitment to customer satisfaction is the one-on-one personal attention you will receive when installing the all-important indicators that are applicable to your choosen trading system. This is something very few competitors offer.  Read useful details on this article on

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Netpicks trading systems were designed with three specific goals in mind: 1.full-time career, 2.part-time income, 3.Done in minutes. Each one is specifically tailored to your own personal objectives, without all the distracting “theory”. These trading strategies can be learned in no time; just view the training videos, start practicing, and away you go! You will be fully supported every step of the way in your endeavor by Netpicks’s expert staff. Discover why Netpicks is the perfect antidote to a jittery market!  To keep updated with their latest timeline activities, check

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