Netpicks Simple Trading Approach

Netpicks was founded in 1996 around the same time when online and day trading were emerging. Since then it has consistently provided education on this form of trading focusing on areas such as signals, forex, futures, ETFs, options, and stocks. Netpicks concentrates on ensuring the regular traders achieve success in the markets. The company boasts a staff of real traders who are passionate about helping traders reach their desired trading goals. The coaching team has vast knowledge and experience of the highs and lows of trading and what trading entails which is instrumental in assisting clients who are starting their journey.

Netpicks also has trading systems which are designed with specific goals in mind as per the clients such as part-time income, full-time careers or even “done in minutes.” the client would only need to specify their objective, and the system will do the work. The design of this systems is such that learning takes as little time as possible with video training and white glove support.

For better results, Netpicks suggests trying simple trading which involves having a trading strategy where the risk is under control. This approach involves looking at the trading ranges; which are the lower highs and the lows during a downtrend and the higher highs and lows in an uptrend. The approach also looks at the breakouts and the momentum. This is when there is a breakout or the possibility of a breakout in the trading range. These changes create a dynamic which gives the idea that something in the market has changed. This approach also looks at the mean reversion where a trader expects an average price but snap back occurs. This can lead to a trade, or the reverse can also be informative.

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Whichever approach a trader goes with, only they can decide whether the profits or results can be improved with the improvement of the strategy. This can be done by looking at the most recent trades and determining if downsizing your approach to something simple can lead to better results.

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