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When it comes to trading education, nothing beats Netpicks Trading Strategies. Established in 1996 and Based in Irving, Texas, Netpicks Trading Strategies is considered to be the gold standard when talking about trading education and management. They have established themselves to be the most reliable source for newcomers in the trading industry. They give out a lot of information for those who wanted to learn more about trading, and to those who wanted to sharpen their knowledge about the industry.

Netpicks provide strategies regarding forex, stocks, and other forms of investment, and will help the traders known when they would have to buy or sell out their portfolio. For more than 25 years, Netpicks has been assisting traders to become successful, and their clients today have been dominating the trading scene. Visit them here.

A team of professional traders run Netpicks in the background, and they have been training people on how to trade properly. Mark Soberman is the head of the Netpicks team, and he stated that they employ their staff based on their tenure in trading. He added that their passion to help is what drives them to be more customer-centric; assuring that everyone who seeks for their help is given excellent customer service. Mark Soberman stated that their clients are divided into two groups: the full time career seekers and the part time income seekers. No matter what the goals of the client will be, they keep on focusing on one thing: trading correctly. They highly recommend people, especially new comers, to seek the help of the professionals to reduce the risk and increase the chance of high returns.  For the interview, click on

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Netpicks is offering seminars and coaching sessions to those who are willing to learn. They are also publishing new information online to walkthrough people who are confused as to what to do with their money and where to invest it. Recently, Netpicks published an article for a strategy called “Lock and Walk”. More tips available on

Because of the recent drop in the prices of technology-based stocks, investors and traders began feeling nervous as their stocks might crash. The strategy was introduced to appease their anxiety, and its instructions are very simple: the investor just needs to study the strategy’s design. It has to show respect and support the resistance level coming from the following stock codes: NDX, QID and QLD. These four points would help people understand the strategy better:

  1. If QLD is testing the support, target resistance to sell.
  2. If the support breaks, QLD must be sold.
  3. If QID is testing the resistance, target support to sell.
  4. If the resistance breaks, QID must be sold.

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