NetPicks: Championing for Proactive Strategies to Tackle Choppy Markets

With the much-revered technology market facing a discouraging market selloff in the past few months, the always buoyant and arrogant attitude of traders especially in the world-famous Wall Street have changed significantly. Instead of their legendary optimism, traders are now very cautious when it comes to choosing the investment vehicle to use in creating wealth for themselves and their clients. For some, the choppy environment is discouraging enough not to risk their hard-earned funds and those of their clients. However, through proactive investment strategies developed over years of experience and market analysis, investment specialists such as NetPicks believe that these uncertain and risky times present investment opportunities, which can be exploited and returns on investment realized.

 NetPicks holds that these uncertain times are suitable for short term investors because they are highly volatile. However, investors are advised to strictly follow the ‘Lock and Walk’ strategy rules. This strategy calls for investing in shares when they reach their support levels. Under the ‘Lock and Wall’ strategy, traders are advised to sell their share values when they reach their resistance levels as well as when either the support or resistance levels break. Because this is a day trading strategy, traders are advised to make their investments before the share values reach the designated basis points for the day. Learn more about option and trading on

NetPicks: Towards Greater Understanding of Trading

NetPicks is one of the leading investment specialists in the country with a strong dedication to expanding knowledge on trading. The company has over two decades of successful operations within the financial options and foreign exchange trading sector. Since its founding in 1996, NetPicks has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading financial and investment advisory services providers with its customer-centric services. More investing tips here.

One of the company’s success pillars is its highly qualified and experienced investment advisors who are available 24/7 to guide the clients to successful wealth creation. The professionals ensure that their advisory services are offered depending on the experience and investment needs of the clients. Co-founded by Brian Short and Mark Soberman, NetPicks offers very dynamic and simple investment advisory services including a simplified signing up procedure for aspiring traders. Their investment accounts and trading options are also diverse to meet the unique demands of their varied clients.  Learn from their blogs,  visit them at their social media page here.

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