Michael Zomber’s Intriguing Career Path

Michael Zomber has been an avid collector of weapons from the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. With this collection he has studied the weapons and looked into the history of them. As a result he has become one of the leading historians on arms from the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai period. Along with being a historian of these weapons and eras, he has written a number of stories and made films as well. Therefore Michael has had the opportunity to share his knowledge to others and then provide entertainment at the same time. While he is passionate about weapons and history, Michael also participates in peace activism in order to help make the world a better place for everyone. With a Master’s degree in English literature he is also very well educated and uses this education to make his intriguing stories.

Over the course of his career Michael has been able to share his knowledge about weapons to the masses. One of his most notable appearances on television has been on the History Channel. On the History Channel Michael has talked about the weapons, when they were used and how important they were during times of armed conflict. As a result of his knowledge, Michael is therefore someone that many media outlets look for when looking to get in depth information about the various weapons used during the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era.

Along with making speeches on television, Michael has wrote a number of screenplays, novels and also made films about the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. These stories provide people with even more insight into these historical periods through effective storytelling and accurate portrayals of them. This gives people not only a great source of education but also entertainment. The stories that Michael Zomber wrote and filmed provide a number of intriguing elements such as conflicts that took place during these eras, significant battles and also the lifestyle and culture of the time periods. Therefore readers and viewers will definitely have a number of great ways to get the most in depth perspective of weapons and armed conflicts of the Civil War and Japanese samurai era.