MB2 Dental – Devoted to Ensure Best Service is rendered to Dental Patients

MB2 Dental is a firm that is wholly owned by dentists and specializes in dental management and practice. In other words, MB2 Dental serves as a partner to affiliated dentists throughout the world. The related offices are provided with a suite of services which make it easier for them to run their services efficiently, therefore upholding patient care and standards of care.

In these MB2 dental offices, 100% clinical autonomy is maintained, and every facet of this practice is carried out. Just like any other focused firm, MB2 Dental works towards ensuring that dentists in any community can focus on what they do and do it to the best of their ability, to provide their patients with the best dental care. It believes that by helping dentists with their business aspect of their practice, they will, in turn, be devoted to meet their patients’ needs.

MB2 also strives to provide their affiliated owners with a team of professionals. These experts will be in charge of offering the required knowledge, guidance and personalized systems to ensure that nonclinical tasks such as running a successful practice are well handled. This way, the owner can make strategic decisions and attend to the patient’s needs.

At the helm of the organization’s management is Dr. Chris who is the creator and president. Though born in Ohio, Mr. Chris has spent most of his early life in Asia and South America. He, however, graduated high school in Caracas, Venezuela.

Mr. Chris holds BS Microbiology from the University of Florida and DMD from Nova Southeastern University. He amasses years of practice as a dentist and dentist instructor associate and also a mentor. Apart from that, he has served as an activist for the practice focused on doctors practice model and dental director. To say the least, Dr. Chris is quite informed in matters provider and dental services as a business. On several occasions, Mr. Chris educates and mentors dentist as well as advising them on other options on completion from dental schools.

Next on the line is Justine Carrol, who is MB2 Dental’s chief operating officer. Justine has extensive experience in private equity investment, strategy, and operations improvement consulting. He has formerly been a director at Highland Capital Management, LP, and a Private Equity Group.

Here, he could identify and execute special situations private equity investments across many industries that focused on healthcare services. Justin Puckett is the MB2 Dental‘s president, while Mark Fuller is the organization’s chief financial officer.