Matt Badiali’s Oil Knowledge

The exports of oil products grew by 160 percent from January 2000 through December of 2010. Some of the oil products included diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and many more oil products. In that time the barrels averaged 1.1 million a day. The Energy Information Administration’s data reported that oil product exports are averaging five times more these days.

In Permian Texas, there is an explosive growth in the refined exports according to Some of the largest importers include India, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Japan, China, Netherlands, and Singapore. This is from January 2017 to August of 2017.The growth in these oil products leads to many investment opportunities. The demand for oil products is a great way to generate income and it is also great for investments.

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Matt Badiali is an editor at the S&A Resource Report. The S&A Resource Report is a monthly investment advisory that focuses on the energy, mining sectors and oil as investments. Matt went to Penn State University and earned a B.S. in Earth Sciences. He also attended the Florida Atlantic University and attained a Masters in Geology. Matt has worked for an environmental company as a consultant and he worked for a drilling company as a geologist before joining Banyan Hill. His work has taken him to many exciting places like Iraq, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Turkey and many more wonderful places in the world. Matt has intertwined his knowledge and experience as a geologist with investments and uses it for to identify a great profit. Matt believes that a person has to go out personally and check out an investment in order to know whether an investment is safe. He feels this way about politics and many other aspects of life.

Matt’s geologist training has allowed him to identify red flags in a drilling area on He likes to inspect the areas and check out the crew to see how experienced they are when drilling a hole. This allows him to get an idea of the companies potential and worth.