Koch and Sanders…

The American society is filled with too much inequality and suppression of the poor and the middle income earning citizens. The politicians, government, and businesspeople are the propagators of this inequality because the government allows passing of policies and the politicians and influential business persons propagate the passing of these policies into action whereas they are exhibiting negligence to middle-income earners hence adding them hopelessness. Charles Koch totally agrees with Bernie Sanders a senator in the United States on his opinion about inequality. Policies passed into laws Koch says are the catalysts of control, dependency, poverty and cronyism in America, http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2016/02/20/charles-koch-and-bernie-sanders-agree-theres-too-much-inequality/#22d7371b64a2.

Whereas Charles Koch and Bernie have not been agreeing with other decisions that the two make this time, he does not agree to the solution that Bernie suggests. The federal governments should be developed more and improved to handle the corporates and corporations. Charles recalls a history of how back in the 1930s the federal government was redeveloped, but there was no positive outcome. He says that poverty is the same as it was back then and the level has not changed at all. Bernie, however, agrees with the need to change the criminal justice system something that has been a call for by Charles for years now. Charles has been criticized oven ad over by Sanders especially on his political spending in support of political campaigns. Currently, he has pledged over $ 7 million for the ongoing campaigns. This support of opinion does not mean that he is endorsing Sanders in his campaigns at all.

Koch and his brother David have been liberals who over time support Republicans when it comes to political campaigns. Charles is the co-owner, a board member and the chief executive officer of the Koch industries. He has over time been in support for libertarian groups that criticize bad deeds of the government and those that support the sustainability of environment through policies. His company even produces environmental friendly goods like polymers, fertilizers and fibers despite being an oil majoring company. Koch was born in Wichita Kansas where he lives and is now aged 80 years.

Overtime Koch has been greatly concerned about the government expressing too much regulation and that there should be less domination from the government and more freedom for private entities. That freedom will develop the country into a wealthy libertarian’s state. Koch and his brothers have been advocating for the free market and back in 2011, the TIME magazine listed him among the most influential people.