How Trump Bonus Checks are Definitely Not Freedom Checks

Banyan Hill Publishing’s Matt Badiali is the person who popularized Freedom Checks earlier this year. Since that time some scams have come around that get confused with these, a matter he would like to clear up. In particular, a number of investors have confused these with Trump Bonus Checks. These are two entirely different things, actually, with one being a real investment and the other being a big phony ploy to peddle financial newsletters to unsuspecting, elderly veterans.

So, what does the backer of Trump Bonus Checks claim about them? He says that these are Donald Trump’s way of giving away free money to veterans. The claim is that average people are earning thousands of dollars every month from them and all you have to do is sign up for them.

The truth is Trump Bonus Checks is a marketing invention of Infinite Income writer Mike Burnick. He says that if you just pay him $99 a year he will teach you how to make money from “foreign accounts”. Trump wanting to bring money back to the US is the claim. The reality is you’re just making money from stock dividends just like every other investor and it’s nowhere near thousands a month unless you have millions of dollars invested.

So what are Freedom Checks? These have been known for decades by another term which is Master Limited Partnership, or MLP. These are actually real and in-the-know investors have been making substantial returns from them for decades. Years ago Washington D.C. decided we needed to drastically decrease the amount of oil we’re importing and so created what is now known as Freedom Checks. To know more about the company click here.

How they work is that a natural resources company, typically an oil and gas firm, becomes an MLP. As long as they meet the federal government requirements to be an MLP they return 90 percent or more of their revenue to their shareholders in the United States. To qualify and issue Freedom Checks they have to derive the great majority of their income from exploring, producing, distributing, or refining these natural resources, reducing our dependency on foreign nations for our basic resources.

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