Herbalife Sports Sponsorship Adds New Star Athlete

Herbalife Nutrition is excited to be sponsoring LA Galaxy midfielder Jonathan dos Santos. Herbalife is a premier nutrition company that conducts business around the world. They will be sponsoring Dos Santos, who also plays for the Mexican national team. The deal is scheduled to run through 2021.

Jonathan dos Santos has shown a commitment to nutrition and fitness. He has exemplified the lifestyle of a healthy athlete who is performing at the highest level of his sport. Herbalife nutrition believes that Dos Santos will be a shining example of the company’s purpose.

The entire line of Herbalife products will be made available to Jonathan dos Santos. The products are certified for sports and will help him optimize his training. It will ensure that he is able to perform to the peak of his abilities.

Jonathan dos Santos understands the importance of having a balanced diet and nutrition plan. He will work closely with Herbalife Nutrition to build a quality fitness program that puts him in a winning position. Dos Santos has personal experience with the Herbalife brand. He started using Herbalife to rebuild strength at the beginning of each day and after practice. Dos Santos is now working with the company’s video team to develop promotion for his favorite Herbalife product which is the Banana Sunrise Shake. Dos Santos will be involved in various aspects of developing products and work with the Herbalife marketing team.

Jonathan dos Santos is originally from Mexico City. He began playing soccer at an early age. Jonathan and his brother joined FC Barcelona and began their careers with the Barcelona first team. Dos Santos eventually made it to Villarreal CF where he proved his skills and established himself as a world-class athlete. Jonathan dos Santos joined the LA Galaxy in 2017.

The Herbalife Nutrition mission is make an impact through nutrition and fitness. It has been in existence since 1980 and uses its nutritional knowledge to change people’s lives for the better. Herbalife is committed to working with those who suffer from poor nutrition and obesity. They find solutions that will help sick people improve their daily quality of life. Herbalife products are high-quality and proven by science. The company looks to inspire people to embrace an active lifestyle. The Herbalife Family Foundation works with Casa Herbalife programs to bring quality food to children. The company makes a conscious effort to reach out to families and suffering communities.