Eucatex is a Successful Brazilian Company in the Construction and Furniture Markets

The Brazilian company Eucatex got its start in 1951. The first factory began operating in 1954 in Salto, Sao Paulo, making panels. Its focus was on using eucalyptus wood fibers to make insulating liners. It supplies the construction and furniture industries.

The Salto location is a complex of factories making plates, varnishes and paints. Another factory is located in Botucatu, making panels and flooring. In 2010 they opened a new factory in Salto to make T-HDF and MDF.

T-HDF stands for Thin High Density Fiberboard. MDF means Medium Density Fiberboard.

They believe in sustainability, so they also have a division which runs a seedling nursery, to replenish the supply of trees they use. They own 44,000 hectares of forestland in Sao Paulo. They have the certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 showing they conform to the highest standards of sustainability. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) awarded them with its Green Seal. This means Eucatex manages its forests according to the best ecological and social standards. Eucatex produced the first industrial scale wood recycling line in South America.

Now Eucatex Group is run by the Maluf family, with Flavio Maluf as its president. He was born in 1961,the son of politician Paulo Maluf. He graduated from FAAP as a mechanical engineer. He is also president of group GrandFood as Flavio’s LInkedIn credits. That company owns the brands of pet food Premier Pet and Golden, but is primarily an agribusiness company. It relies on sugar cane and eucalyptus. Its position in agriculture and foresty fits in with Eucatex, a major user of wood.  Flavio Maluf’s bio has even further information.

Maluf writes articles on various aspects of the business world and posts them online. He has analyzed the merger of Pfizer and Allergan, the purchase of Jarden by Newell Rubbermaid and the merger of Dow Chemical and Dupont. He wrote an article about his favorite movies about investing and Wall Street, such as the films by Oliver Stone.

Eucatex has a line of products for the construction industry:

One Eucatex line of products is Eucafloor, laminate flooring, with the brand Eucafloor Evidence.

They produce Divilux partitions of 35 millimeters.

They sell four lines of doors: Eucaplac, Eucadur, formidur BP and Base Painting. And they have many paints, acrylic paints and waterproofing.


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    Eucatex is a large supplier of Tamburato, MDP and plates of wood fiber for the furniture industry. It used only wood from eucalyptus wood, fitting in with GrandFood. I have seen that to buy essay from them in the right now.

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