Contributions made by Tony Petrello through his charitable acts

Since the existence of energy companies, most of the oil executives have always been defined by vain and greed. Despite this negative public image, Tony Petrello is quite atypical of such characters. Many claim that his uniqueness is due to his position as the CEO of Nabors, but it is a virtue he developed long before he won the position.

His philanthropic deeds are traced back since he started earning his cash. This virtue is said to have continued growing in him and even more after the birth of his premature daughter. He has since then acted as an example of a leader with a generous attitude always aimed at helping charitable institutions.

Many people who know him recognize him as an international figure who is always humble and down to his knees. Before becoming the CEO of Nabors industries, he had worked in the institution since 1991. All this time his staff mates at Nabors recognized him as a committed man and one who has driven the company in a positive direction through his contributions.

More to this, he is said to have always been responsible for any task committed to him. Through these virtues, he is said to have been the man behind pushing the oil company to new heights up beyond their competitors.

In his previous track record, Tony has been featured offering both emotional and financial support to scientific researchers majorly in the medical community. He is said to have already made a donation of $5 million and even made an additional pledge of over $2 million at Texas Children’s Hospital.

He made the donations in collaboration with his wife Cynthia which he believes it will help the children with advanced treatment. This is by helping them access health services from world’s leading specialists along with bringing new research to fruition.

When questioned on his willingness and frequent charitable cases he relates the driving power to his daughter. He says that he always sees it as a blessing watching his daughter eat and even take her breakfast. His daughter has remained as standing testimony unlike other children.

Carena just started chewing food for her first time at the age of seven. To those who have had an engagement with Tony before, defines him as a man worth envy and admiration from his inspirational level of success. They also recognize him as a humble and honest man that deserves what he earns.

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