Clay Siegall: On The Way to Makin History

Throughout history there have been many men who have made discoveries that have changed the world. George Washington carver with over 100 uses for peanuts or Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin are just a couple of examples. Well it seems we might in a couple of years have to add another man to that least of great innovators Clay Siegall. The creator and CEO of Seattle genetics may be on the rod to discovering the next breakthrough in medical history.

Clay Siegall and his company have created a string of antibody-based cancer therapy drugs. Not only are they FDA approved but some are even on the track to accelerated approval by the FDA like ADCETRIS. After founding the company in 1998 and having trouble maintaining initially between 1999 and 2000 they are quickly becoming a force in the medical drug industry. Clay Siegall started off working with a separate company before creating his own. The reason he created his own company was due to the lack of patents, ownership, and profits he didn’t receive for his extensive work despite being a senior researcher with a zoology degree from the University of Maryland and a genetics PhD from George Washington university. According to Clay he was always interested in medicine and staving off death nature’s natural course. After assessing the way, a loved one suffered from cancer chemotherapy he decided he wanted to find a better way. He now believes chemotherapy will be replaced with more effective and gentle treatment methods from him and other companies on the job. By selling the drugs they make along with the processes and technology they make they create revenue to make this juggernaut of a company function. They actually have secured more than 675 million from private and public financing alone.

Seattle Genetics has everything they need to do what they need to do, stop cancer. With now about 15 patents to his name and over 70 medical publications Clay Siegall is poised to join the history books. Clay Siegall and his strong belief in hard work, inherited from Charles Darwin has already taking started his walk to immortality.