Charles and David Koch Challenge Trump

The Koch Brothers Offer Some Friendly Competition
Charles Koch had given an interview in support of his new book. The interview was held at the staff commissary. This is at Koch Industries located in Wichita, Kansas. He spoke of his brother David. He and his brother have experienced a sense of disillusionment over politics and the presidential race itself. Charles Koch, had already raised around 400 million dollars in the year 2012. The goal was to elect Mitt Romney. The money had been raised in 2012 through their donor network. In the end, they were outmaneuvered by Barak Obama and his campaign. The brothers did a complete overview and looked closely at what went wrong in 2012. They had then intensified their efforts to make certain that they did not experience a repeat of the same fate. When the 2016 campaign had started, the brothers along with their allies made a pledge to raise 9000 million dollars. This was done in order to elect Republicans. It is specifically for the one who must face Hillary Clinton. This includes Bernie Sanders too. This would be in the general election itself. Some friendly competition is coming to this race from the Koch brothers this time around.

They Misjudged Trump
The brothers had misjudged Donald Trump, as did other people associated with the Republican elite. They did not consider the fact that the real estate scion would be a solid and serious contender. This includes his politics on the following:
* taxes
* trade
* foreign policy
* Trump’s Muslin registry (it has the ability to destroy our free society)
Trump eventually turned on the Koch brothers. The two brothers have even been called the Koch brother puppets on social media platforms.

Charles Koch and his Many Accomplishments
Charles Koch is indeed an extraordinary American businessman. He has solid experience in many other areas. Include:
* political activist
* philanthropist
* chemical engineer
* author (Sons of Wichita)
Charles Koch had joined Koch Industries, it is his family business, in the year 1970. This is the second-largest company, privately held, in the United States of America.

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