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Helane Morrison Dedicates Her Life To Fight Corruption

In 2008, the stock market crashed. With that crash came a total decline in the US economy. It was considered to be the biggest financial crisis since the great depression of the 1930s. Tremendous fraud and corruption were revealed in Wall Street and elsewhere. People lost their trust in financial firms such as banks. Everything was upside down. 

Since then it is abundantly clear that there must be accountability in financial firms. There must be oversight to make sure that any corruption is rooted out and that people engaging in fraud are arrested and fired. Many people have been hired to do this job. They are called compliance officers. 

Helane Morrison is one such person. Born and bred in Brooklyn, she attended many institutions of higher learning until she graduated and eventually became a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. She soon rose in the ranks, entering private practice and eventually being promoted to the status of partner in the law firm she was working in. 

Soon enough she was noticed by the government and was offered a position as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission office in San Francisco. She later left the SEC after creating waves of change for the better in the department to accept her current position at Hall Capital, the largest investment advisory firm in San Francisco. 

As a compliance officer, Helane Morrison is known as a pioneer against fraud and corruption.

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