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Tesla Inventions Are Good News to Copper, Says Matt Badiali

     What comes into your investing mind when you hear the name Tesla? Bad fossil fuel prices, Tesla share or charging station products maybe. To Matt Badiali, the growing success that is Tesla rings a totally different but still relevant bell. Matt has created a connection between the steady growth of demand in electric cars with an undeniable increase in the need for copper over time.

Tesla and other electric car manufactures might not yet be the biggest copper consumers but the fact that considerably more copper goes into these car’s wiring means that the demand will grow exponentially as the number of electric cars in the market goes up. If Tesla can keep producing amazing cars that convince us that we don’t really need to rely that much on fossil fuels, chances are that more and more people will start paying closer attention to the electric car bandwagon.

It only takes a steady growth in demand for the cars for copper prices to go up. However, Matt warns that it might take a while before the changes trickle down to raw copper positions since the long process between mining copper and selling it as electric wire will first have to soak up the rising demand before it can pass it down to the rest of the market.

About Mr. Badiali

Matt Badiali has earned a reputation as that investment advisor who always comes up with innovative investment ideas at all times. To Matt, the money is where not everyone dares to look. This is why you will find him traveling across the globe trying to get in touch with different markets and understand them long before the news and other journalists figure what is happening.

This has given him a considerable edge that has allowed him to latch onto different natural resource related fields long before the competition starts streaming in. His eye for killer investment has earned him editorial positions in popular investment advisory publications while also making him a renowned investor in different markets. With a master’s degree in geology, he is best placed at making investment decisions related to natural gas, oil and minerals.

Consequently, Matt Badiali has been very vocal and surprisingly accurate when calling investment opportunities in these two niches. Currently, his latest gut feeling on the possible prices of copper in the near future is not only a result of his understanding of the mineral but also a keen inspection of the immediate target market and the forces pushing it up or down.

Ted Bauman, An Awesome Man

     Ted Bauman is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He became apart of the Banyan Hill family in 2013.

Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. He was raised in Maryland with his family. Later on, as a young man Bauman moved to Africa. While living in Africa, he earned his degree in History and Economics. He graduated from the University of Cape Town. While living in Africa, Ted has had many managerial positions. He once worked as a fund manager. In this position, he managed funds for housing. He helped more than 14 million people have affordable housing to live in. After this project, Ted began to work as a consultant. During this time he constantly researched the connects between housing for inner city areas and finances. In addition, Bauman is also well known for helping citizens in Costa Rica have affordable health care.

During Bauman’s career, he has traveled to several different countries, over 75 to be exact. He has traveled to countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and many others! Bauman is unique because he wasn’t only traveling for his own benefit, but he was actually helping others while traveling. While traveling, Bauman helped different businesses develop and make a great amount of profit. He was also very interested helping those in poverty find affordable housing. Bauman moved back to the United States in 2008. After he relocated to the U.S, he worked as he as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He worked in this position for a few years, until 2013. He left this position to follow his passion. Ted began to then work as a full time writer. As of today Ted and his family lives in Atlanta, GA. He is happy with his position as a Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Overall, Ted Bauman is an extraordinary man! He is very well rounded. He has already lived a well rounded life. He is very diverse socially and culturally. He has traveled to so many places throughout the world, which is everyone’s dream! He is also a great researcher, writer, and editor. Ted is a great man because he has many accomplishments under his belt; however, he is very humble. He still takes time to help people in the unique ways that he finds suitable. Ted is an exceptional man. His life can be defined as the American Dream!

Jeff Yastine is Passionate About Shedding Light on Many Opportunities People Disregard

     Jeff Yastine is the Total Wealth Insider editor. He joined the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as an editorial director, bringing with him over 20 years of background as a recognized stock market investor as well as a financial journalist at the financial world events center. Also, Yastine contributes on a weekly basis to the Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily, helping investors understand monetary trends, economic, as well as business, and he highlights the profit-making opportunities that are brought to light by their financial editors.

Yastine was an Emmy-nominated anchor as well as a correspondent for the PBS (NBR Nightly Business Report) from the year 1994 to 2010. He has interviewed plus learned the secrets of investing used by many successful entrepreneurs and financiers of the era, like Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, and many others.

Yastine reporting has helped identify successful venture opportunities in large company turnarounds and small-cap growth stocks and across a wide array of sectors, including agriculture, big box retail, as well as developments in the sector of the biopharmaceutical. The reporting helped warn investors regarding the mid-2000s real estate crisis as well as the 2000 dot-com bubble unsustainable rise.

Yastine reported on important national events like the Panama Canal, historic handover in 1999, the foreign automakers’ influence as they were building the new southeastern United States-based manufacturing plants, the Hurricane Katrina financial impacts in 2005, and the oil spill in the Deepwater Horizon in 2010. He has visited Cuba twice, first in the year 1994, then in the year 2003, and reported on the foreign investors’ role in the economy of the country.

Yastine’s report on the America’s underfunded system of bridges, roads, as well as other public infrastructure forms, earned him a nomination for the 2007 Business Emmy Award. He was part of the 2002 NBR journalists’ team who won the NYSSCPA’s Excellence in Financial Journalism (EFJ) Award for the nation’s bond market half-hour special report.

The Total Wealth Insider

If you are like most of the Americans, you are searching for a new wealth building approach. Between navigating wild boom and bust cycles, evading Wall Street ripping you as well as keeping up with the fiscal policies of the government, it is hard making sense of the world of investments nowadays. That is precisely why Yastine created the Total Wealth Insider. He’s passionate about shedding light on most of the opportunities that many people ignore, and he brings that passion to the Total Wealth Insider.

MB2 Dental – Devoted to Ensure Best Service is rendered to Dental Patients

MB2 Dental is a firm that is wholly owned by dentists and specializes in dental management and practice. In other words, MB2 Dental serves as a partner to affiliated dentists throughout the world. The related offices are provided with a suite of services which make it easier for them to run their services efficiently, therefore upholding patient care and standards of care.

In these MB2 dental offices, 100% clinical autonomy is maintained, and every facet of this practice is carried out. Just like any other focused firm, MB2 Dental works towards ensuring that dentists in any community can focus on what they do and do it to the best of their ability, to provide their patients with the best dental care. It believes that by helping dentists with their business aspect of their practice, they will, in turn, be devoted to meet their patients’ needs.

MB2 also strives to provide their affiliated owners with a team of professionals. These experts will be in charge of offering the required knowledge, guidance and personalized systems to ensure that nonclinical tasks such as running a successful practice are well handled. This way, the owner can make strategic decisions and attend to the patient’s needs.

At the helm of the organization’s management is Dr. Chris who is the creator and president. Though born in Ohio, Mr. Chris has spent most of his early life in Asia and South America. He, however, graduated high school in Caracas, Venezuela.

Mr. Chris holds BS Microbiology from the University of Florida and DMD from Nova Southeastern University. He amasses years of practice as a dentist and dentist instructor associate and also a mentor. Apart from that, he has served as an activist for the practice focused on doctors practice model and dental director. To say the least, Dr. Chris is quite informed in matters provider and dental services as a business. On several occasions, Mr. Chris educates and mentors dentist as well as advising them on other options on completion from dental schools.

Next on the line is Justine Carrol, who is MB2 Dental’s chief operating officer. Justine has extensive experience in private equity investment, strategy, and operations improvement consulting. He has formerly been a director at Highland Capital Management, LP, and a Private Equity Group.

Here, he could identify and execute special situations private equity investments across many industries that focused on healthcare services. Justin Puckett is the MB2 Dental‘s president, while Mark Fuller is the organization’s chief financial officer.

Paul Mampilly: Standing Tall in the World of Investors

     Paul Mampilly is a self-made investor. He possesses unmatched knowledge in investments, having started his career at Wall Street in 1991. He worked at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio director. Being the great leader he is, Paul quickly soared to high positions at Deutsche bank and ING. While there, he was tasked with manning multi-million dollar accounts. His fame increasingly grew within the financial sector. In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management, a company worth $ 6 billion absorbed Mampilly to serve as their hedge fund manager. Amazingly, during Paul’s tenure, the organization’s value of assets skyrocketed to $25 billion.

Inspiring Story of Paul’s Rise in Entrepreneurship

It began with Paul getting tired of serving at Wall Street. He got a deep conviction about Wall Street lacking the capacity to help adequate people. Paul’s innate desire to help individuals with investments pushed him out of that cocoon. He ventured in publishing newsletters, a business that makes him glad. His greatest source of joy comes from an ability to attend to people hailing from various backgrounds. While Wall Street caters for the super rich only, the founder of Profits Unlimited ensures subsidized services to incorporate those with low incomes as well.

Research as Part of Paul’s Flourishing Causes

Being a team player, Mampilly involves his crew in extensive research. When offering stock picks, they must have gone through research for 30 to 40 hours. Besides, Paul Mampilly also ensures that every release gets followed with templates. They are meant to make it easy for first-time readers who may not know how to start off. With his kind heart, Paul goes further to simplify the information for his subscribers. In fact, he also uses charts. He understands that information he offers goes to people with different financial capacities, which compels him to put himself in his shoes.

Wondering About Trends Catapulting Mampilly’s Popularity?

Commitment to customer service is among the top factors. Coupling with his daily routine makes the whole endeavor successful. He always has to analyze his stocks and carefully read through them. Precisely, his level of devotion to service differentiates him from other financial advisors.

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How UKV PLC is Becoming Known as a Well-Reputed Wine Merchant

     A wine vintner that you can truly rely on is impacting the industry of wine manufacturing in an extremely positive way. UKV PLC is currently consisting of a vintner that’s decided that they will be taking a myriad of steps to get the most out of their wine making abilities. Such abilities are being maximized by the choices they’re making of being as innovative as possible. Innovative processes of wine making is paying off, as they’re now capable of producing some of the highest qualities of wine that’s being made available in the market of wine products today. The machinery, tools, equipment, and even the processes of fermenting have elements of innovation in them.

Being innovative means to use all of the resources that one has to maximize one’s full potential. In UKV PLC’s case, they’re using all of the tools and equipment they have and the education that the personnel has acquired through constant implementations of researching and development in their manufacturing processes to produce some of the highest qualities of products as possible. The methods that they have decided to utilize when making their wine products are the very exact things that have separated what they are able to offer from what other companies are able to offer.

Speaking with a specialist who is currently working in the department of customer service of UKV PLC is going to be a great start for you to begin your wine shopping. Their wines are absolutely affordable and you can be certain that the quality of the products are high. They’re a vintner for you to invest in, as you do not want to miss out on the wonderful opportunities they’re offering. UKV PLC is existing to serve you and make your weekend a memorable one. Wine can be a great addition to any party or gathering.

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Bruno Fagali Understands The Complexities Of Litigating

Mr. Bruno Fagali is the top Brazilian Leader of Company Dependability. He is respected in his field for having a truly vast magnitude of information, where the law is concerned. Mr. Bruno Fagali takes charge of one of the most famous advertising publishing companies, in all of Brazil. Mr. Bruno Fagali is an absolutely critical constituent of the Proceedings & Principles Trade venture. Mr. Fagali places his focus intently on counseling for Community Legal, Electoral, Conformity & Anticorruption matters.

Bruno Fagali worked without fail to be awarded his degree in State Authoritarian Law, and he is the recipient of a Master’s in that area of study, which he came into possession of while studying at the Brazilian University of São Paulo. Mr. Bruno Fagali acquired his proficiency in Governmental Law, and is certified by the Brazilian institute, the Fundação Getulio Vargas, as well as the famed University of São Paulo. Mr. Bruno Fagali’s talent is focused on Municipal Administration, which exists to discourage any improper actions in the governmental field.

Nova/SB begins and carries out promotional activities throughout Brazil’s far-reaching coverage area. Nova/SB is the leading Brazilian foundation to use a set of associations for the foundation, known as People’s Interest. Nova/SB relies on this proficiency by focusing it on their promotional work. Nova/SB is the most important, promotional foundation in all of Brazil. They are allied with a comprehensive collection of professional services, including authoring and promotional media broadcasts, from their control center in São Paulo, Brazil.

A newly created Community Reliability proposal reports directly to Brazil’s Bureau of Transparency, reporting to the Bureau of Power & Directives. Nova/SB is the leading institution in their revered and exclusive grouping to perform such a unique plan of conduct, that is connected directly with anti-corruption rulings.


Vintners of the UK

UK VINTNERS, UK VINTNERS, UK VINTNERS…..where, oh, where to find them? Where are the good ones? Are there few or many, and does it all just depend on where you should to go? This and more, we will have a brief look at right now!

To begin with, not all vintners in the UK are good, bad, or somewhere in between. In fact, when you truly think about it and smell the fresh wine roses, this makes complete sense. Anything similar or the same could be said of any type of company or service, for that matter. This is important to note.

Let me begin with one, known as the Vintners’ Company. Allow me to summarize an excellent description from the very main web site itself. I do quote:

“The Vintners’ Company, with its first Charter in 1363, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and in 2013 the Company celebrated its 650th anniversary! The Company’s membership consists of over 500 Freemen and Liverymen. With its origins steeped in the history….” (

The Vintners’ Company is but one such excellent choice among the many good ones from which to choose within the United Kingdom. As follows, there are more. I will but name a few…

To name a few, we also have the one of a kind vintner services and business of: UKV PLC, THE SOCIETY OF VINTNERS, YORKSHIRE VINTNERS, MERCHANT VINTNERS, THE VINTNER, and last but certainly not least … UK VINTNERS OF LONDON PLC.

One such business which catches my attention is none other than that of UKV PLC. Their main website offers a variety of wines, starting at £1,125.00 and ranging up. They offer a fine selection of wines such as the: DOM PERIGNON 2002 & 2004, LAFITE ROTHSCHILD 2008, 1982, 1986, GRUAUD LAROSE 2004, 2006, MARGAUX 2004, 2007, and many more.

THE SOCIETY OF VINTNERS offers a wide variety of wines within the business, including: AC GALLIE LTD, ABV WHOLESALE, CELTIC WINES LIMITED, and more. The idea for these vintners began in the 1960s and 1970s, by Nottingham wine merchants devoted to the best in taste….five, to be exact. To get a wine buying group in the area was the idea, and one which could truly compete within the larger market place. They grew from there, becoming a more and more recognized, national group of buyers…..ever expanding.

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Koch and Sanders…

The American society is filled with too much inequality and suppression of the poor and the middle income earning citizens. The politicians, government, and businesspeople are the propagators of this inequality because the government allows passing of policies and the politicians and influential business persons propagate the passing of these policies into action whereas they are exhibiting negligence to middle-income earners hence adding them hopelessness. Charles Koch totally agrees with Bernie Sanders a senator in the United States on his opinion about inequality. Policies passed into laws Koch says are the catalysts of control, dependency, poverty and cronyism in America,

Whereas Charles Koch and Bernie have not been agreeing with other decisions that the two make this time, he does not agree to the solution that Bernie suggests. The federal governments should be developed more and improved to handle the corporates and corporations. Charles recalls a history of how back in the 1930s the federal government was redeveloped, but there was no positive outcome. He says that poverty is the same as it was back then and the level has not changed at all. Bernie, however, agrees with the need to change the criminal justice system something that has been a call for by Charles for years now. Charles has been criticized oven ad over by Sanders especially on his political spending in support of political campaigns. Currently, he has pledged over $ 7 million for the ongoing campaigns. This support of opinion does not mean that he is endorsing Sanders in his campaigns at all.

Koch and his brother David have been liberals who over time support Republicans when it comes to political campaigns. Charles is the co-owner, a board member and the chief executive officer of the Koch industries. He has over time been in support for libertarian groups that criticize bad deeds of the government and those that support the sustainability of environment through policies. His company even produces environmental friendly goods like polymers, fertilizers and fibers despite being an oil majoring company. Koch was born in Wichita Kansas where he lives and is now aged 80 years.

Overtime Koch has been greatly concerned about the government expressing too much regulation and that there should be less domination from the government and more freedom for private entities. That freedom will develop the country into a wealthy libertarian’s state. Koch and his brothers have been advocating for the free market and back in 2011, the TIME magazine listed him among the most influential people.