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Talkspace has the Right Therapist for You, Anytime You Need Help

Talkspace has more than 1,000 mobile therapists available to serve its users. Therapy sessions are held online either on the company website or via the mobile app. It is the modern alternative to the traditional, face to face office setting. It has many benefits that surpass the typically rigid therapy sessions you may have experienced. The company was started in 2012, and it is based in New York City. The founders of Talkspace are Oren Frank, its current CEO and Roni Frank.

All of the therapists at Talkspace are licensed and experienced. A user and therapist can communicate through unlimited messaging, which was started in 2014. It also provides for unlimited text messaging either on the Talkspace site or its mobile app, and audio and video messages are available as well. Therapists are available anytime for their clients.

There are a multitude of benefits when you select Talkspace. Users and therapists are personally matched, depending on therapy needs. There’s no traveling to and from the therapy session. There is never a need to schedule an appointment. It’s convenient and it’s effective. A user’s privacy and confidentiality are respected at all times. The company has also recently started to offer couple therapy.

Therapy sessions at Talkspace are affordable. There are several plans from which to choose, making it a budget-friendly therapy experience. Many users speak of the fast and effective results they have achieved, reporting that they are soon feeling better, sometimes even in a matter of a few weeks.

Getting started with Talkspace is quick end easy. It can be accomplished totally online, however if a user does have any questions, Talkspace has a live customer support team.