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Marc Spark Relocates Timber Creek Capital’s Offices after 14 Years

One of the largest venture capital firms Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital LP has relocated its offices to a setting that’s optimized for collaboration and high conducive to start incubation. The company, owned by a serial entrepreneur and investor Marc Sparks, assists entrepreneurs in developing new start-ups into profit-generating enterprises.

According to Mark Sparks, the process of creating a business starts with constructing a business model and gathering the necessary resources to ensure success. Marc Spark believes that with the new design of Timber Creek Capital, the company will host different companies in its facility as well as offer a widespread incubation period.

Being a student and a serial entrepreneur of what it takes to succeed in business, he believes that the quality, collaborative, and conducive work environment is the overall ingredient necessary to succeed.

After supporting dozens of successful start-up companies a few years ago, Mark Sparks discovered that there existed a particular flow within an office that needed to maximize output and collaboration.

He, therefore, created the Timber Creek Capital LP, to embody his 35 years of commitment to entrepreneurship and to tackle the complex stages of launching a sustainable business. Using the firm, he has handled a handful of firms at a time, offering them mentorship and access to resources like marketing, capital, banking, and office space.

GoodReads said that Marc Sparks understands the devastating circumstances and challenges that entrepreneur’s face. His passion is to help them build their dreams and businesses to critical mass through experience. Tenacity, faith, an outrageous sense of urgency, passion and savvy for monetization are the qualities that have helped him succeed in his mentorship.

He has surpassed every level of entrepreneurial failure and success and believes that Timber Creek Capital, LP is qualified enough to help turn entrepreneurs’ ideas into affluent business models.

About Mark Sparks

Mark Sparks is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek LP. For the last couple of decades, Mark Sparks has owned and managed several related corporate insurance corporations, casualty insurance companies, multi-location insurance agencies, and bonding agencies.

Among the firms include International Fidelity Holdings Corporation, International Surety & Casualty Company, Eagle Premium Finance Company, Great Southern General Agency, and Eagle Claims Corporation. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of insurance, premium finance, hedge fund, investment banking, entrepreneurship, and surety bonding.

Additionally, he is licensed by the United States Department of Insurance as a Surplus Line Agent, Managing General Agent, Local Recording Agent, and holds a Premium Finance License issued by the Texas Department of Insurance.

His new start-up, Timber Creek Capital, focuses on turning the dreams of determined entrepreneurs into profit-generating ventures. The company provides office space, graphics arts, intellectual capital, support staff and merchant banking.

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