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Marc Sparks: Serial Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks is moving and changing Timber Creek Capital, LP. After 14 years in the same location Sparks is moving the company’s office and transforming it to better optimize innovative collaboration. The new location will improve collaboration and start-up incubation. A serial entrepreneur, Sparks owns the private equity firm and helps entrepreneurs turn new businesses into money making companies. He explains that building a business model along with gathering resources that ensure success are the beginning of the business building process.

Timber Creek Capital’s design enables it to host three different companies within their facility and provide an extensive incubation period. A serial entrepreneur as well as a student of what’s required for success, Sparks says having a work environment that’s high quality, conducive and collaborative is a quarter of it takes to succeed. He advises entrepreneurs to not cut corners on where they and their team spends the majority of their time because it can make the difference between failure and success.

Sparks shares his journey to success in his new book, They Can’t Eat You. The book highlights successes and failures he had while learning the realities of being an entrepreneur. Using those experiences Sparks was able to create Timber Creek Capital. The company embodies his entrepreneurial experiences over 25 years tackling the many stages of starting a sustainable business.

He takes a few companies simultaneously and provides them with mentorship as well as access to resources including capital, banking, marketing, office space and more when they become part of the Timber Creek system.

He understands entrepreneurship’s challenges devastating circumstances and is passionate about using his experience to help entrepreneurs build their dream companies and become successful. To succeed Sparks used faith, passion, tenacity, focus, a sense of urgency, as well as savvy monetization. It’s what his team calls Sparks Speed.

Sparks has seen entrepreneurial success and failure at every level. That qualifies him to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into prosperous business models. Plus he loves to mentor. Sparks is also a philanthropist.

He builds affordable houses for families with Habitat for Humanity. He donated 1000 laptops to at-risk youth through his non-profit Sparkey’s Kids in coordination with American Can! Academy. Since the 1980s Sparks has been involved with a Texas homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. Each night it houses 160 people.

Marc Sparks came from an average background. A C student when he graduated high school in 1975, he has been able to pull himself up from nothing and become an inspiring success.

Sparks isn’t college educated and has made many mistakes in his professional career that have left him broke. But his drive, vision and tenacity have enabled him to succeed against all odds.