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One Woman’s Results Using Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

The Cleansing Conditioner produced by WEN by Chaz Dean was a product one woman had never tried before, but she was intrigued by an infomercial about the product. She wanted to see if it would give her hair the same look as the models showed in the video. She started using it and at the same time started keeping a detailed journal about her experience of it. She did this experiment for 7 days and gave a full report on Bustle.

The first thing that surprised her was how much Wen Cleansing Conditioner the label recommended. She went ahead and used the required amount in the shower and found that it worked better than she had expected. She was especially surprised that it worked so well on her very fine grain hair. The one issue she noticed was that her hair would feel oily if she skipped even one day of using the product.

As long as she continued to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner every day, she experienced no further problems with too much oiliness. She was happy to not have any hair loss, and in fact, actually lost less hair than she had with a different conditioner she had used previously. The woman carefully noted her results and was pleasantly surprised just how full and smoothly flowing her hair became.

Chaz Dean is an intriguing person who like many in Hollywood closely guards his privacy. However, there is much that is known about him. He is well regarded by all his movie and television star clients. Many celebrities rave about his hair creations and product inventions. Besides his hair styling genius, Chaz Dean is known on for a full line of hair care products he has produced. He is an intelligent and creative experimenter that has been seen as a most innovative businessman as well as hair stylist.