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Securus Strikes a Deal to Purchase Jpay Inc.

Securus has signed an agreement with Jpay that will see the giant Prison telecommunication company acquire JPay Inc. JPay is a technology company based in Florida that provides tablet, email and payment products to more than 33 states departments.


Such products are essential to the correctional facility since they help to reduce recidivism, reduce waste and also stop crime. According to Securus CEO Rick Smith, they will have more capability to handle anything software/tech based that can facilitate operation in any modern jail or prison with such a merger.


Securus has paid close attention to the JPay’s innovative force in the industry and forging such an alliance is essential since its going to help them get great products at affordable prices. Their partnership will also make it easier to provide products that not only reduce recidivism but also offer top-notch security.


According to JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro, they have always been ready to expand their footprint given that the company’s products have for a long time offered great value to every constituent, friends, family, prison staff and also inmates.


The company has also strived to create products that can be adopted in large scale and partnering with Securus will realize their dream in a short period. Shapiro credits his team for the continued provision of products that not only help inmates transition into viable citizens but also make the prison more efficient and safer.


He also acknowledges that secures values their company culture and this will help both companies forge a solid relationship. Once the merger is effected Securus will own Jpay as a subsidiary, and this will provide an opportunity for Jpay to operate as it does today but with the advantages presented by secures vast resources and deep relationships. It’s also important to note that the transaction is still subject to customary condition which also includes regulatory approval.