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Francisco J. Domenech Esq. is a Lobbyist and Clinton Fundraiser

Fransico J. Domenech Esq. is an attorney and lobbyist. Domenech practices law in Puerto Rico and in US federal courts. He is a managing partner at Politank, a political lobbyist firm, helping private interests. In Puerto Rico, he served in political support offices. He served in various administrative roles in the Puerto Rican Senate and its Congress. He was the lawyer for the Senate President and the Director of the Office of Legislative Services. He defended the Puerto Rican Senate in court and supervised other lobbyists too. From 2005-2008 he was the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly. Read more about Domenech at

He is best known for his political work during campaigns. He is a Democrat and spent years assisting Hillary Clinton in her presidential race. He worked as the head of the Young Democrats of America. During that tenure, Domenech campaigned in Puerto Rico for Secretary of State Clinton. When Domenech assisted Clinton in her two presidential election bids, she won the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in the primaries. He worked as her Deputy Campaign Manager in 2008 and 2016. Domenech raised $200,000 dollars for Clinton’s campaign and assisted her when she visited the commonwealth in 2016. Domenech also served as a co-chair of the Hillblazers, a political activist group for young people who voted for Clinton in 2008.

Domenech was a delegate and member of the Democratic National Committee from 2007 -2012. In addition, Domenech worked for the campaign of Hon. Jenniffer Gonzalez, who won the seat of Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner.

Francisco Domenech became a winning member of Puerto Rico’s 40 under 40 awards. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico’s Rio Piedras Campus and in 1999-2000, he served as the President of the Student Body. He feels young people deserve to be in the political arena. Domenech supports statehood for Puerto Rico. Visit:


What End Citizens United is Working For

End Citizens United was founded in 2015 to advocate for or fight against various controversial cases involving civil rights and Citizens United. These involve every one from the Dred Scott v. Sandford to Roe v. Wade. Citizens United.

According to their “About Us” page, Citizens United is dedicated to restoring the U.S. values. They are dedicated to a limited government, enhancing national security, and strengthening families. However, End Citizens United does not agree with a lot of their ways. For example, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) made a 90-minute long video pulling an ad hominem on Hilary Clinton. They would not reveal who paid for the video even though the law at the time required that the donors be identified. Citizens United sued to have the FEC’s ruling overturned However, the Federal Court ruled in FEC’s favor.

By the time that Barack Obama was president two years later, the Supreme Court overturned the ruling. Along with it, a century of progress of finance laws suddenly swung in the opposite direction. Which means that the right to Free Speech was extended to corporations. This means that the government can no longer impose limits on what corporations can do to influence elections. This is why, for example, we are seeing more television advertisements of organizations advocating for certain candidates. Citizens United also favored Republican candidates, such as Betsy DeVos during the 2016 election. Find out more about End Citizens United at

End Citizens United is working to end things such as unlimited anonymous donations to certain political candidates. They do not believe that what Citizens United is doing is honest. End Citizens United is dedicated to electing progressive candidates, making raising money for campaigns as a top priority in the nation, and using grassroots campaigns to demonstrate political power. The grassroots campaigns are currently End Citizens United’s strongest platform and that is also who they rely on for funding.

They have been around for only three years now and they say that they are just getting started. Many of their donors are also professional investors and make all of their FEC reports public.

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Charles Koch Understanding On University Graduations

Charles Kotch was born on November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas US. He is currently residing at his birthplace in Wichita, Kansas US; married to Liz and have two children. Charles Koch studied his B.S and M.S for general engineering and nuclear and chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an American business person, contributor and also a political donor.

Currently is the chairperson of the board and the CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. from 1967.His Koch Industries are primarily involved in refining chemicals and biofuels, fertilizers, polymers, fibers and many others. Some of his industries brands are Dixie brands of cutlery, plates and cups, Quilted Northern tissue and many others.

He together with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg penned a joint article calling on Universities across the country to uphold free speech principles and keep away from unwanted intolerance of own thinking. It is in The Wall Street Journal as an advice directed to the college presidents, boards, administrators and faculty as a whole.

Their advice was for them to avoid stifling free speech and pampering intolerance for polemical ideas which are now part of the college education and hinder human progress and joy. The sanctioning of safe rooms for speech codes lead to the creation of intellectual conformity that hinders open inquiry, debate and real learning which leads to official sanctions.

They contended that the freedom of expression had to exist in hand with the freedom to offend.

They wrote, “Colleges are increasingly shielding students from any idea that could cause discomfort or offense.” They believed that this threatened the future of higher education and the fabric of free and democratic society. This is away from colleges’ aim to expand and refine students to get open minds with questionings and not closed ones.

They argued that Americans hold on to people having equal rights, women having the right to vote and marrying freely of gays and lesbians. They said that the achievement of these views that seemed offensive was due to people engaging in free, robust dialogue with each other.

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Online Reputation Firm’s Like Five Blocks and From An Insider’s Perspective

When Cheryl Conner interviewed Don Sorensen for Forbes (“Top Online Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketers”), her goal was to inform marketing executives who “fail to understand how poor reputation management can damage their company’s sales.” It made sense to talk to Sorensen, president of Big Blue Robot, who has been involved in ORM for over a decade.

Today, ORM is a booming business. Conner estimated it is a $5 billion industry, with hundreds of PR firms – including hers and Sorensen’s and places like Five Blocks – working to protect the interests of companies wanting a polished, professional online image.

In the interview, Sorensen warned readers against making a million-dollar mistake: “Many executives don’t consider the potential losses in sales, press coverage, hiring ability, and more until long after the damage is done.” He advised that brand trust can be eroded by a tarnished corporate leader whose reputation sullies the entire enterprise, a negative news story that turns into a runaway reputation crisis, or even a malicious entity seeking to profit from a company’s ruin.

Clearly, Sorensen is right that ORM is a crucial corporate concern. According to a survey by Forbes and Deloitte, more than 4 in 5 companies see ORM as a major strategic risk factor, and are taking steps to address it. Even more compelling is a Nielsen survey; it discovered that than more than half of media-savvy consumers said they’d dropped pursuing business with a company after finding negative information online.

So what can business leaders do about it? Sorensen’s list of tips focused on proactive marketing strategies to expand and strengthen the online brand: search engine control, social media participation, branded blogging, and YouTube production. He also emphasized continuous monitoring and swift reaction to potential threats.

When Conner asked Sorensen about the idea of developing in-house ORM teams, he agreed that internal teams can handle proactive basics. However, he asserted that outsourcing brings in a breadth and depth of experience that in-house teams cannot match. That’s why firms like Sorensen’s and Five Blocks have built such powerful businesses. They are equipped to handle this in the most powerful way.

Both Conner and Sorensen have a financial stake in outsourcing, so they may be biased. Notably, Sorensen’s list of tips did not include simple self-monitoring measures like using Google Alerts to watch for negative brand mentions. Nevertheless, he had sound advice about hiring ORM professionals, whether as employees or consultants: “You should ask what kind of tactics will be used to improve the online reputation.” He also suggested that prospective employers request proof of past successes.

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Argentina Is Getting Its Economic House In Order According To Hedge Fund Investor James Dondero

When Argentina defaulted on more than $82 billion in sovereign debt in 2001, that financial fiasco was considered the largest default ever. Argentina doesn’t hold that title anymore, but the country is still trying to clean up the mess that was created by the lack of foresight and fiscal responsibility that created such a debacle. The Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner administration is only partially to blame for the economic mess. The long line of Peronist leaders all share the blame, according the CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. Dondero told that Argentina is not the same country it was under the de Kirchner administration. Highland Capital, under Dondero’s direction, bought more than $4 billion in Argentinian debt because Dondero thinks the country is headed in the right direction.

Argentina’s new President Mauricio Macri recently agreed to an expensive settlement worth more than $4.4 billion with some of its old creditors. Those same creditors refuse to restructure the original agreements in 2005 and 2010, so Dondero said that was a positive sign. And when Macri announced that Argentina was going to bundle most of their debt into bonds that would mature in 2033, Dondero knew things were looking up in the fourth largest economy in Latin America. Most of the current debt holders have agreed to the restructuring process and Dondero plans to put more money into Argentina bonds.

Dondero has an impressive investment track record especially when it comes to investing in emerging markets. Argentina wasn’t considered an emerging market before 2015, but Dondero thinks the title fits now. President Macri has put new people in place that have the experience to get the finance ministry, the central bank and other cabinet posts in order. The new people that Macri chose are actually old employees that were replaced by other administrations.

No one is expecting to see Argentina rise from the bottom of the economic pile in 2015, but Dondero thinks anything is possible in the global market these days. Argentina has a chance to take business away from other Latin American companies now that debt is being restructured. Finding new business opportunities is part of Marci’s plan, according to Dondero. Argentina’s currency is about 30 percent lower than it should be, and inflation is completely out-of-control. Unemployment is high, but Macri is asking the people of Argentina to rally around his government, and he is asking investors like James Dondero to join that rally.

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The Koch Brothers In The Operation 1888 LLC Management

Charles Koch and David Koch are estimated to be worth of $100 billion in total. Part of their wealth is what the two Koch grandsons have considered investing through a family office they have named 1888 LLC, which is a significant number of them. The office will be independent of the Koch industries, and the brothers are doing this in collaboration with the Koch is Trent May, who joined the Koch in 2011 and established 1888. The office will be liable to managing the wealth of the two brothers and also holding into consideration the taxes of the office. Also, there will be a stake in direct investments with the company and some part of stake in telecommunications.

Charles Koch is the brother to David Koch with 80 years of age. He has been a great influence on the United States politics especially with how the government is running the country. He thinks that the government is poor in handling the citizens, and even the 1930s were much better for the Americans. Koch is among the most influential wealthy tycoons, especially in political campaigns. He and his brother have been endorsing political campaigns with billions of money which he says is a strategy to protect the middle-income earners from the wrath of wealthy business people and politicians. Charles Koch also funds organizations that campaign for passing of policies considering the underprivileged in America. Over time, he has been recommending for smoother procedures in the criminal justice system so that the incarcerated can have a smoother life and opportunities after leaving the prison.

Charles Koch is now the chairperson and chief executive officer of the Koch industries the 3rd largest company in the United States. The firm deals with energy product and also manufactures environmentally friendly products like organic fertilizer, polymer and fiber. He is a good promoter of environmental policies and also funds organizations in support of environmental policies. He once received recognition from President Obama in his effort to reform the criminal justice system. Charles Koch and his brother are not supportive of corporate welfare events even when they are for the benefit of their industry. Koch says that the corporations use each other to their advantage and discrimination of the middle-income earners.


Charles and David Koch Challenge Trump

The Koch Brothers Offer Some Friendly Competition
Charles Koch had given an interview in support of his new book. The interview was held at the staff commissary. This is at Koch Industries located in Wichita, Kansas. He spoke of his brother David. He and his brother have experienced a sense of disillusionment over politics and the presidential race itself. Charles Koch, had already raised around 400 million dollars in the year 2012. The goal was to elect Mitt Romney. The money had been raised in 2012 through their donor network. In the end, they were outmaneuvered by Barak Obama and his campaign. The brothers did a complete overview and looked closely at what went wrong in 2012. They had then intensified their efforts to make certain that they did not experience a repeat of the same fate. When the 2016 campaign had started, the brothers along with their allies made a pledge to raise 9000 million dollars. This was done in order to elect Republicans. It is specifically for the one who must face Hillary Clinton. This includes Bernie Sanders too. This would be in the general election itself. Some friendly competition is coming to this race from the Koch brothers this time around.

They Misjudged Trump
The brothers had misjudged Donald Trump, as did other people associated with the Republican elite. They did not consider the fact that the real estate scion would be a solid and serious contender. This includes his politics on the following:
* taxes
* trade
* foreign policy
* Trump’s Muslin registry (it has the ability to destroy our free society)
Trump eventually turned on the Koch brothers. The two brothers have even been called the Koch brother puppets on social media platforms.

Charles Koch and his Many Accomplishments
Charles Koch is indeed an extraordinary American businessman. He has solid experience in many other areas. Include:
* political activist
* philanthropist
* chemical engineer
* author (Sons of Wichita)
Charles Koch had joined Koch Industries, it is his family business, in the year 1970. This is the second-largest company, privately held, in the United States of America.

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