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Andy Wirth Tries To Move Forward On New Projects With Public Transit Option

Squaw Valley Resort, based in Lake Tahoe has inched one step closer to getting a proposed expansion plan approved. The Placer County Planning Commission has given its approval for the proposed expansion this summer. In order to get final approval for Squaw Valley’s Ski Resort’s much touted expansion, the resort must also get its project approved by the County Board of Supervisors who will make a final decision to whether allow an expansion or reject it.

Chief executive officer of Squaw Valley, Andry With says he was encouraged with the meeting he had with the Placer County Planning Commission. He says that both parties are in agreement that the current traffic conditions and lack of public transit is undesirable. He later added that the current expansion plan would have no significant impact on the already congested roads and lack of transit options.

On the other hand Mr. Jesse Patterson says that the Lake Tahoe area simply cannot accommodate more traffic without significant disruptions occurring to residents. Patterson who leads a group called the League to Save Lake Tahoe says that development plans in the Lake Tahoe area will not get approval because the region cannot deal with more traffic from expansions.

Squaw Valley’s chief executive officer says he wants to be at the forefront of of solving the traffic and transit issues. He and his team already have some ideas on how to ease traffic and install a transit system in the area.

Wirth says he believes that his transit proposal to serve north Lake Tahoe could be before voters this autumn or next year if all goes well. A key part of his ideas is the development of reliable public transpiration servicing Placer County and north Lake Tahoe that will ease the burden of traffic resulting from more development.

Jesse Patterson of the League to Save the Lake says that Wirth’s ideas are encouraging but they are not written down. He says there is not commitment as of now from Wirth of Squaw Valley. Both Squaw and Martis Valley ski resorts have expansion plans pending before the Placer County Board of Supervisors this Autumn.

Andy Wirth who is leading the expansion plan for his Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a major figure now in the Lake Tahoe area. He has helped transform Squaw Valley Ski resort and Alpine Meadows ski resort into one of the nation’s most visited and highly acclaimed resorts. Mr. Wirth is the current chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation which is the major gateway into the Lake Tahoe region for tourists.

He also volunteers both his time and money to environmental groups interested in preserving the beauty of Lake Tahoe for years to come. Andy Wirth is also a survivor of a near fatal parachuting accident which almost resulted in amputation of his arms.

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