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The Philanthropist and Politician: Betsy DeVos

The education secretary to the United States comes from a background of philanthropy and wealth. This is not a typical background for most education secretaries. In a different turn of events from the past, Betsy DeVos was chosen to be education secretary based largely on her philanthropy work. The gist of her philanthropy work was mainly aimed at school programs and scholarships. Betsy DeVos has been doubted extensively by many in Congress and within the media for her different experience to education systems in the country. DeVos has had to prove herself to the education department while constantly being belittled by the media.


Betsy DeVos started her time as education secretary by calling to organize meetings with current members of the education department. The education department member who did respond to her said that it was the right move on her part due to her needing to establish connections in the department. Typically an education secretary already has some connections within the department. The other education department member DeVos contacted did not respond to show her distaste for DeVos.


DeVos has proven to be an education secretary who is dedicated to her position. She has made it clear that she is willing to take stands for what she believes is best for the education department even if it differentiates from what the president says or thinks is best for the education department. One of the choices that was made by president Trump concerning the education department was the removal of transgender bathroom policies that President Obama had put in place. DeVos viewed the decision from the president and attorney general as a negative choice. She wrote a letter to everyone in the education departments and school districts with a call to action for states and school districts to come up with their own rules concerning protecting transgender bathroom rights. DeVos was begrudgingly praised for her letter by most people in the education department and by some media platforms. Her letter was still trashed by a number of mainstream media outlets who claimed it was just a show.


Despite the tough judgment upon her, DeVos has still continued to do her job. She has stated in interviews that she often must completely ignore the opinions of the media about her. She knows what they say in opinion pieces about her experience and her life is largely false. DeVos namely focuses on media that report facts and not as many opinion pieces. For now she is focused on doing her best to improve the education department.


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