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OSI Food Solutions expansion plans

OSI Food Solutions is the biggest food company in the world. The company has been in recent years expanding its business operation with the aim of reaching out to as many people as possible. The company which currently operates in 17 countries and has opened over 65 production plants in different places so that they can meet the high demand for their products. The company is currently under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. With these two, they have been pillars in the management of the company. All the expansion efforts that have been taking place are a direct impact of their leadership.

OSI Food Solutions has been taking various steps to expand their businesses. They have taken measures to expand domestic and international markets. In the United States, the company has acquired a production plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This is a facility that will increase food production in the local market due to the ample space available in the plant for more production. The plant measures about 220,000 square feet.

OSI Food Solutions has also expanded its food production in Europe, in Spain, they have a production plant in Toledo which produces beef, pork, and chicken products. In the last one decade, there has been an increase in the consumption of chicken products in the area. OSI Food Solutions has taken the cue and expanded its production capacity. From 12,000 tons of chicken products, they are now producing 24,000 tons every year.

Another step taken by the company is to acquire two companies in Europe. They started by acquiring Flagship Europe which has since been renamed Creative Foods and then acquired Baho Foods. The acquisitions have been made in an attempt to take the business operations dominant in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions has been recognized for the great work that it has done especially in maintaining health management and safety standards. The British Safety Council has awarded it for maintaining these standards. They won the award in 2016 that being the 11th time that they have received it since 2006. Clearly, they have consistently been offering the best food services.

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The Achievement of Sheldon Lavin

It is a tough task handling the manageability of some more prominent industries. Many are the times when the leaders are unable to achieve their goals in fulfilling the objectives of a firm. However, the leadership of the large-scale sectors is improving with the existence of the few leadership pillars like Sheldon Lavin. Lavin is a renowned leader who can create an empire in the industrial areas. Lavin studied in the financial management from the University of Illinois. Therefore, he is a skilled accountant and an entrepreneur. Apart from pursuing the bachelor’s degree in business, he majored in finance at the Northwest University.

Sheldon Lavin managed his way through as a financial advisory for numerous large-scale industries. Lavin specialization in the food production industries made the firms record high productivity throughout seasons. Mainly, his areas of interest are the customer satisfaction, availability of resources, and changes in the technology. Lavin uses a model of leadership that is unique in delegating leadership roles to his employees. Thus, he is not the kind of a leader who believes that good leadership can only come from himself.

In his early years after completing his studies, Sheldon Lavin began a consultancy agency in the downtown Chicago known as the Sheldon Lavin and Associate. Therefore, he did the consultation for more than 15 years and became the consultant for Otto and Sons, the former OSI Industries. Today, Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group.

OSI Food Solution is the leading food company that deals with production, packaging, and distribution of quality animal products. In March 2018, the group finished the extension of the creation of quality chicken products by a double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. The expansion came as a result of the rising demand for the chicken products in Portugal and Spain. Consequently, the total output for quality pork, beef, and chicken products resulted in 45,000 tons per year. OSI President David McDonald said that though it was a tough job, we are grand for the expansion to make the company held as the leading food company in the entire world. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the industry acquired Tyson Food, Flagship Europe, and the leading control of Baho Food.

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OSI Group Continues to Showcase Its Expertise in the Food Industry

OSI Group happens to be one of the biggest private companies in the US offering incomparable services that involve the supply of value-added food products especially protein foods to various retail and food service brands. Their capability in processing and distribution all over the globe has enabled them to deliver quality food products that perfectly match your taste, preferences, and operations. The company has the ability to support your global and future operations demand of your food brand. This is enabled by their wide coverage having over 65 facilities in over 17 countries with a total employee figure of over 20,000.

Over the past 2 years, OSI Group has been enlarging and expanding their operations to reach their esteemed customers. In 2016, they purchased and incorporated Tyson Food processing facility and warehouse in Chicago which led to a rapid growth changes. In the same year, the company also acquired Baho Food which was the manufacturer of various snacks, fast food, and deli meats. By acquiring Baho Food, the company continues to shine all over Europe increasing its expansion of their products to their customers.

Besides the purchase of the two companies, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe owned by the Flagship Food Group in Denver in the same year. In January 2018, the company has been rebranded Creative Foods Europe which deals with frozen poultry, sous vide, pies etc. this has led to an increased customer base and opened international markets. To close that chapter, in 2017 the Group added a higher level production rate to its existing branch in Toledo in Spain which enabled the company to double their chicken processing to 24,000 tons every year. This translates to a total 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products annually. The company is well prepared to meet the high demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal.

In November 2016, the OSI Group was awarded one of the most prestigious Globe of Honor Award for their excellent management of environment throughout their business operations. The Group was one of the 18 organizations in the world that were awarded the same award. The OSI Group has been in operation since 1909 when it was founded and headquartered in Aurora in Illinois. The leadership of the company is crucial for the tangible outcome of the company and hence CEO Sheldon Lavin and the Chief Financial Officer Sherry DeMeulenaere have done a recommendable job. Basically, the company supplies bacon, hot dogs pork, pizza, poultry, fish, veggies etc.