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The Real Real’s Entering the Beauty Market.

The Real Real Is a luxury consignment eCommerce store. The company has been providing resale services to its millions of users since 2011. The Real Reals plan is to continue growing their successful business with a new assortment of beauty products.

They’ve started their beauty branding by discreetly incorporating beauty products online as well as some stores in Manhattan Soho and their pop ups in Las Vegas. There have been various reports stating The Real Real has been selling beauty products, in Soho stores, since late last year.

Maintaining the companies sustainable culture factor is imperative for The Real Real leadership team. The leadership team including chief merchant, Rati Levesque, ensures all products are non-toxic. Chief Merchant Rati Levesque stated, “We are testing a curated selection of beauty products, both online and in our brick-and-mortar locations with the goal of really completing the customers journey.” The Real Real always has their customers in mind and seek to provide them with a well-rounded shopping experience. Chief Merchant Rati Levesque also explained that the company seeks a trusting relationship with their consumers. Bringing beauty products to The Real Real is for the customer to be able to find both luxury clothing and beauty products at one trusted destination.

Despite the Real Real being a second-hand shop, all of their beauty products are totally brand new. The beauty products are sold directly to the company. There are no third-party contributions involved in the selling of The Real Real beauty selections.

Entering the beauty world is one of the smartest and customer convenient moves this company can make. Beauty is a popular business. It’s great for marketing and attracting more people to their pop-up shops and stores. Beauty products are a great bargain for every party involved in this new venture for The Real Real. CEO Julie Wainwright says “We’re getting beauty and home brands that want to sell new product in our store. The lines are starting to blur a little.” There is no shortage of high quality clean beauty products for The Real Real consumer.