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Thor Halvorssen Taking Aim At Kim

Thor Halvorssen wants to set the people of North Korea free. The 39-year-old head of the Human Rights Foundation has set his sights on the third generation of the Kim family. North Korea has suffered under 70 years of totalitarian rule under the dictatorships of the three Kim’s.

Ironically, North Korea calls itself the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. But it is the farthest thing that you can find on planet Earth from a democratic republic. Kim Jong Un and rules the country with an iron fist and the 12 person staff of the Human Rights Foundation wants to bring him down.

And that falls right in line with the ethos of Thor Halvorssen himself. The human rights activist has been traveling the globe trying to train a spotlight on unilateral dictators. His Human Rights Foundation does not discriminate. The foundation does everything it can to help expose authoritarian dictators no matter their political leanings.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen has famously said that it does not matter if the government is socialist or fascist, all that matters is there is a separation of powers and democracy.

The Human Rights Foundation will attack a left wing socialist or a right winged fascist just the same. And in this case, they are targeting a right-wing fascist in Kim Jong Un.

Thor has a long history with unilateral dictators around the world. His own father was a prisoner in Venezuela for some time until human rights groups stepped in to negotiate his freedom. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

His mother was shot in New York City while protesting the rule of Chavez. He comes from a long line of dissidents and troublemakers for unilateral dictators around the world.

The Human Rights Foundation wants you to know that an estimated 3.5 million North Koreans have died due to hunger. There have even been reports of cannibalism in South Korean papers. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Meanwhile, the dictator of the country makes unilateral decisions to funnel money into the military rather than to feed his people. The people of North Korea do not have a voice and hopefully that changes with the help of the Human Rights Foundation.