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Billy McFarland Wants his Generation to Enjoy the Perfect Network

The elitist millennial has found the dream card in using Magnises, which is the superb product and the revolutionary idea of young, and agreeably pleasant appearing Billy McFarland. Once an individual discovers Magnises–one distinct question comes to the surface: What is not to like about the Magnises product? It is a very stylish and impressive card. Persons who carry it about are bound to impress more than just a few persons. It gets a person noticed. It comes complete with the “Wow” factor, without the usually high price tag that one pays to enjoy the best of lifestyles.

Further, McFarland is a very likable and stylish individual, just the type of person one would expect to run a company that provides a fashionable, black Magnises card, relative to a luxury lifestyle. It is the card to carry—just right for any young professional individual, wishing to appreciate all of the best clubs and perks inside of the NYC area

Billy is a 23-year old entrepreneur who has created an exclusive club for the elitist millennial—so to speak. His customer-base, once again, include very young, smart, professional persons, with engagingly positive backgrounds. The black card is relative to a high living standard. Persons who carry the Magnises card are able to attend the best parties; and attend them in style, inside a New York City penthouse; as well as events at other popular NYC locations.

So what is Billy’s goal? He cleverly wants his generation to attain a high style of living without the ridiculous price-tag. He also wants the card holder to be able to network with like-minded young professionals. He is a very young 23 year old savvy business founder, offering a very exclusive social club, complete with stylish events and sensational deals—relative to his fashionable product.

The stylish black card, offered by Billy, can be linked, easy enough, to the interested person’s bank card or even another credit card. The black card is then used, in the form of payment—naturally. The draw of the card is all of its outstanding perks.

When a young professional shows his Magnises card—made of metal—by the way, he or she is able to attain substantial discounts, at very well-regarded restaurants, clubs and other establishments, wherein, libations flow freely. He or she is able to take advantage of an opportunity, such as a private concert, and enjoy the most lavish get-away or holiday. It makes a great deal of sense, then, for any young professional person, wishing to enjoy life to the fullest, to use the Magnises card. What does not make sense is to ignore all of the terrific deals, tied to the card. Plus, as stated, it is made of metal. It is very unlikely that an individual will lose sight of his or her card, or misplace it.

Billy McFarland, states, in so many words, that the objective, in using the Magnises card is to build up a network, which encouragingly connects the millennial customer to new businesses. The businesses, too, are found inside the virtual world, and in the physical world. He conveyed that everyone, generally, carries a credit card or debit card—so, the Magnises black card has been tied to his customer’s favored debit or credit card.

The Magnises card has established many cool partnerships with interesting eateries and the best clubs in New York City—information that has been provided, somewhat, above. The cool businesses have made it a point to sign on with Magnises, and establish a rapport—in order to capture the welcome business of the young, New York professional.

The preceding is not all: A person, making use of the Magnises card, can receive discounts on trips, made by Helicopter, to the Hamptons. He or she can enjoy private shows conducted by their, respective, favorite rappers. The business and Magnises card customer partnerships are well suited to one another.

The company has now well over six-thousand members. The annual fee is an agreeable $250, paid on a yearly basis. Additionally, the Magnises card offers its customers a convenient app. The app is very useful since it allows the Millennial to simply, use it, and select an activity; providing him or her with an instantaneous deal.

The target audience of the black Magnises card is, once more, the working professional who is between twenty-one years of age and thirty-five years old. Most of the persons, using the cool Magnises card, work inside the finance industry, fashion industry, and technological sector.

The person, interested in attaining the card, is required to fill out a virtual application. The application is reviewed by the team at the Magnises Company. The approval process, by Magnises, takes place, prior to the individual joining. The approval process is necessary and practical. McFarland conveyed that the company wanted individuals, interested in carrying the card, who truly wanted to make full use of the card—using it to its highest and best use.

A person applying, will help him or herself tremendously, if he or she works for an organization who would like to establish a rapport with the Magnises team. This is part of the network concept, which is a great portion of the Magnises company philosophy.

Billy McFarland, stated that integration of businesses, which can participate in the Magnises experience, present a great deal of favorability for the Magnises Company. Cardholders who can become involved, in the economic community, assure the usefulness and continuity of the stylish black Magnises card. Naturally, McFarland added that the company was very discerning about the brands which they select, in establishing a long-term business rapport. The brand selected must be something that the Magnises member finds reliable and trust-worthy.

The startup organization recently outgrew its home-base, located within a West Village townhouse. It has now moved up to a Penthouse, located inside of the stylish Hotel on Rivington. The Hotel on Rivington is located on the Lower East Side of the city. Magnises, it goes without saying, plays host to many events, at the favored Penthouse location. Events are inclusive of late-night sets, wherein, a DJ provides the musical entertainment, for the evening, to that of fashionable cocktail parties. A member may use the Penthouse location, too, in order to conduct VIP meetings, during daytime hours.

The move to the Penthouse location, appears to be a very good strategic move. Since, the Penthouse is located inside the stylish hotel, Magnises is able to provide open bar services, to its guests, as well as the option of catering special events. Billy McFarland mentioned, the fact, that on some nights, up to two-hundred persons have been in attendance, before, at the Penthouse location.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland looks to the future of the Magnises Company with great anticipation. He mentioned that the company has planned to launch its business model in ten more metropolitan markets, within the next twelve months. The launch is planned to begin in Washington, DC. Magnises has joined into a partnership with the Embassy Row Hotel, within Washington DC.

The company has been able to raise an impressive three million dollars to date. Billy McFarland said that the company has and is generating enough, in the way of revenue, in the form of membership fees. He stated raising additional funding is not planned at any time within the near future. He, too, ideally mentioned that the business model was very clear: the company was set for expansion to other metropolitan markets—offering the same type of benefits and deals to the Millennial.

Types of Activities Wherein Magnises Members May Use Their Cards:


The member of the Magnises card is able to enjoy members-only evenings. The evenings, provide the member with special performances, by professional entertainers. There are mixology nights, too, provided to the member, at inconspicuous, top-notch clubs.


The company reserved tables at a well—known establishment, in the Hamptons. Magnises members were able to celebrate, at the well-known establishment, while discouraged on-lookers (non-Magnises members) wished they could be part of the party.

Perks Galore:

Private dinner evenings and club take-overs present no issue for the Magnises Company. A member is on the list. An individual, who makes the smart decision of adding ClubPass, is guaranteed access to all of the city’s best clubs.

Above are just some of the outstanding examples of the type of social prominence a card member is able to attain, in carrying the stylish Magnises black card.

Notes Regarding Magnises Founder–Billy McFarland:

Billy McFarland is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Magnises Black Card. He is a U.S. entrepreneur. He was born in the New York City metropolitan area in 1991. Billy McFarland’s Alma mater is Bucknell University.

Billy McFarland came up with the idea of the stylish black Magnises card, holding conversations with friends, relative to their credit cards. He decided that, certainly, his friends and acquaintances could do a good deal better, than merely carrying a credit card about—purely making use of it for purchases only. From his thoughts, he launched the idea of the Magnises card.

The concept, of the Magnises card, is to make use of a credit card; however, to do so in a more enlightened, personalized manner. He conveyed his thought was to take a card, which was used up to five times daily, and make it locally-based. After completing the networking aspect of the card, he then decided to construct perks and deals—associated with the Magnises card, which could be used, with regard to the everyday lifestyle of the Millennial.

Thor Halvorssen Taking Aim At Kim

Thor Halvorssen wants to set the people of North Korea free. The 39-year-old head of the Human Rights Foundation has set his sights on the third generation of the Kim family. North Korea has suffered under 70 years of totalitarian rule under the dictatorships of the three Kim’s.

Ironically, North Korea calls itself the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. But it is the farthest thing that you can find on planet Earth from a democratic republic. Kim Jong Un and rules the country with an iron fist and the 12 person staff of the Human Rights Foundation wants to bring him down.

And that falls right in line with the ethos of Thor Halvorssen himself. The human rights activist has been traveling the globe trying to train a spotlight on unilateral dictators. His Human Rights Foundation does not discriminate. The foundation does everything it can to help expose authoritarian dictators no matter their political leanings.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen has famously said that it does not matter if the government is socialist or fascist, all that matters is there is a separation of powers and democracy.

The Human Rights Foundation will attack a left wing socialist or a right winged fascist just the same. And in this case, they are targeting a right-wing fascist in Kim Jong Un.

Thor has a long history with unilateral dictators around the world. His own father was a prisoner in Venezuela for some time until human rights groups stepped in to negotiate his freedom. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

His mother was shot in New York City while protesting the rule of Chavez. He comes from a long line of dissidents and troublemakers for unilateral dictators around the world.

The Human Rights Foundation wants you to know that an estimated 3.5 million North Koreans have died due to hunger. There have even been reports of cannibalism in South Korean papers. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Meanwhile, the dictator of the country makes unilateral decisions to funnel money into the military rather than to feed his people. The people of North Korea do not have a voice and hopefully that changes with the help of the Human Rights Foundation.