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The Rise of Rodrigo Terpins in the Brazilian Rally Racing Sport

Rodrigo Terpins is a famous and successful rally driver in Brazil. He is a rider and member of the prestigious Bull Sertoes Rally team, and races alongside his equally skilled brother, Michael Terpins. The two compete in professional circuit racing in one of the toughest and most challenging circuits in the Brazilian rally racing. The Brazilian Cross Country Rally championship features different forms of terrain that a two-member crew must maneuver and complete as fast as possible. Motorsport racing is a tough sport that demands not only skills and perseverance but also the ability to work as a pair.


In the recently concluded 24th Sertoes Rally edition, Rodrigo Terpins finished the first leg of the exhausting T1 Prototype category in about 2 hours and scooped a top ten position, which for him was an impressive performance. At some point, the organizers of the event were configuring the possibility of suspending the car the pair was racing with as it was using a V8 engine to make it more powerful to maneuver rocky terrain. The crew drove through a rough terrain stretching to two states and covered seven stages of the race. Rodrigo Terpin’s skill and calmness even under pressure enabled him to finish 8th out of 38 in the overall competition and sealed the 3rd place in the T1 prototype class. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Rodrigo Terpin’s family has a broad background in the world of sports. Michael Terpins, his brother, is an equally talented racer while his father, Jack Terpins was once a decorated Brazilian basketball player. Rodrigo Terpins developed an interest in physical activity and sports at a tender age. The role sports played in the childhood of Rodrigo Terpins prepared him for a career in the car rallying sport. Rodrigo Terpins always strives to stay connected 24 hours so that he can use his commute time to run his ventures. Mr. Terpins always discusses any business idea with his crew members before executing it. Environment conscience is one of the trends that excite Rodrigo Terpins as people continue to wonder where to get the raw material for their furniture. According to Rodrigo, this trend reflects how people run their business.