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FreedomPop’s Grand Plan

FreedomPop has adopted WhatsApp access for new signups according to an article released on Venturebeat. FreedomPop offers SIM cards with mobile service plans. The access to WhatsApp is going to be completely free for the users to take advantage of. It doesn’t matter how much data the customer has left for the month. The offer is available in Spain which is the launching point of this feature. There is likely to be plans to expand this offer to other markets seeing that the feature already has over 1 billion users in the world. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is also available for free with other global carriers.

FreedomPop is one carrier that is changing the industry of the mobile phone carrier service. Given its status as one of the most successful and innovative mobile carriers, it is only fitting that it would join with other mobile carriers in order to offer the service of access to WhatsApp to its customers. However, there is no formal partnership with Whatsapp. This is one of the reasons it is only being offered in Spain. Otherwise, FreedomPop still offers its free services to anyone who signs up with a compatible device. The plan consists of 200 minutes, 200MB of data. People could pay for more if they feel that they can use it. They also have other ways of earning more minutes and data.

WhatsApp is a messaging app that has gained a lot of popularity because of its ability to connect people with others through Facebook. A huge majority of people use Facebook’s WhatsApp in Spain. FreedomPop is taking advantage of this service all on its own with no partnership with Facebook. As of right now, beta registrations are being accepted by FreedomPop in Spain.

The original article can be read on Venturebeat.

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