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Darius Fisher Describes How To Deal With Unfavorable Photos On The Web

Darius Fisher is one of the up and comers and bright innovators of the technology world. He has been labeled as one the top young entrepreneurs in the fields of digital marketing and reputation management. He has quickly taken a firm that he had co-founded called Status Labs and turned it into one of the world’s leading online reputation management and crisis management firms.


Mr. Fisher has used his extensive knowledge in working as a political consultant to build up his firm, Status Labs. Working in the political scene Fisher saw how crucial the perception of a person, company or party was to the public. He realized that reputation can make or break a candidate in politics. Darius Fisher now applies this same principle to businesses, athletes and other high profile individuals who’s reputations have been tarnished. Below the CEO shares some of his tips to limit the damage done by leaked photos that harm a reputation.


Fisher’s immediate advice when it comes to dealing with unfavorable photos on the web is to take action right away. Take those photos down if you can. If they are published on websites, then contact those websites. Let the administrator know clearly that you want them taken down. An attorney could help you draft a take down notice that will be legally binding if the photos are in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Don’t wait says Fisher. The sooner the photos are taken down, the less damage your reputation will take, so it pays to be proactive in such a case.


Darius Fisher’s next tip is to invest in search engine optimization. What this means is that Fisher wants positive content to rank first on search engine results page. This way people searching for your name or company will see the positive things you have done and real information about you and not scandals or leaks.


The third tip is to acknowledge the situation and deal with it promptly. You can hire a public relations firm to help you in dealing with the press. The last step is to learn from your mistakes. What did you do wrong? Where you hacked? Beef up security, take more precautions and consider updating your privacy settings on social media so an unfavorable or private photo does not get out again.


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