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Christopher Burch Creates New Hospitality Industry Standard

Business Insider reported that Chris Burch established the best five-star remote on a remote Indonesian island. Chris Burch is no newbie to the entrepreneurial scene, as he was involved in the founding of companies Tory Burch, C., and Wonder as he also invested in numerous fashion companies. As he embarks into the hospitality industry, Burch had partnered with James McBride in 2012 to buy a beach hostel on Sumba. The resort opened its doors in 2015 after spending approximately $30 million towards renovations, naming the resort Nihiwatu.

Burch shared in a 2015 interview with Business Insider Jet Lag the reasoning behind this new business venture: with the intention of passing on the property to his children, he hopes to use this landmark as a way to give back to the community. Nihiwatu provides a unique and extravagant experience of customer service and relaxation in foreign, tranquil, and beautiful settings that cannot be achieved by typical five-star resorts.  Continue reading about this awesome resort on

Nihiwatu and its success has exceeded Burch’s expectations and was awarded Best Hotel in 2016 by Travel + Leisure. The Wall Street Journal reported that Nihiwatu provides 27 private and remote villas (including the private home of Chris Burch). These villas offer a main house along with four villas (all coming with their very own plunge pool). Burch continues to split his time residing in Nihiwatu, Miami, and the Hamptons.  Related article here.

Christopher Burch has a 40-year long career history as an investor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of a financial consulting company called Burch Creative Capital. Burch has created a bridge between innovation and impact as he has worked with upwards of 50 companies during his career including but limited to: Ellen Degeneres, Nihiwatu, and TRADEMARK. Know his latest innovative product in the market, hit on

Christopher Burch continues to be an influencer today in the financial and entrepreneurial world today, providing a viewing of his one-of-a-kind investment portfolio on his personal website. His work and social media influence can also be viewed on his LinkedIn and Twitter.  Read an entrepreneur’s views on business related matters, check

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