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Talos Energy: Making the Most of Newly Discovered Resources in the Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy was created when The Chief Executive of Talos Energy Tim Duncan began a four month negotiation for a $2.5 Billion dollar merger. The strategic method was to take Mr Duncan’s own company Stone Energy and combine it with the failing company Talos Energy.

In order for Mr. Duncan to do this he needed capital and a lot of it. Therefore, he began negotiations with Franklin Templeton Investments as well as McCkay Shields. The negotiations were on how to best manage the $800 Million dollars of debt of the two companies.

Finally the decisions were made along with the help of the finance managers of two main owners of Talos Energy. The finance managers were River-stone and Apollo Management.

Tim Duncan was in the process of the merger negotiation 2 days after one of the worlds worst hurricanes hit his residential area of Kingwood, Texas. The Hurricane was named Harvey and it hit the Gulf Coast in August, 2017.

Mr Duncan took his wife, his small son and two pet dogs and lifted them into a FEMA rescue boat because it was forecast that more flood waters were coming soon. The negotiations were interrupted due to weather conditions.

Mr Duncan and family soon ended up back in Texas at his mothers home in Houston, Texas. Mr Duncan Finalized the negotiation of the merger at his mothers kitchen table.

The Merger of the two companies has allowed Talos Energy Oil company to create a whopping $900 Million from assets in the Gulf of Mexico from offshore drilling. The new company Talos Energy now produces approximately 48,000 barrels of oil or more a day.

The first well in approximately 80 years off Mexico’s shore hit an oil soaked layer that turned out to produce 2 billion barrels of oil alone. New areas to drill are now available in the Gulf of Mexico as the leasing of ocean spots are easy to grab.

The reason is because there a few drilling companies left to take the spots. Many companies went bankrupt when Obama ceased the offshore drilling!

New explorations in the detecting of oil as well as maintaining production now make Talos Energy a leader in the oil industry. Talos Energy makes new discoveries with new technology and resources yearly and continue to improve the company standards.

Equities First Holdings Provides Loans for Wealth South African Investors

Equities First Holdings is a global organization that gives financial help to those within the securities business. Their essential target are investors with generally high total assets. The company offers an option lending course since numerous conventional loaning organizations are shutting their ways to the securities loaning sector because of the financial atmosphere.

So far, Equities First Holdings is doing much well with stock-based and margin loans. Their services are also much alluring to borrowers seeking for quick funding of their projects. Equities First is also extremely novel in their market since they take securities exchange shares as guarantee. Due to tough economic times, the loans regulations and necessities are significantly stricter than they were in the past and EFH is one of the main alternatives out there for expansive future lending.

Stock-based loans are termed to have higher stability because of the borrowers’ capacity to haul their assets out of the market with negligible misfortunes. Three year loans can in any case face risks because of market vacillations, yet propelled brokers will have the capacity to get themselves out of improper investment rapidly. In other sectors, loans have more hazard variables and instability and interests rates are normally fixed.

Al Christy founded Equities First Holdings and he is currently the CEO of the organization which was commenced in 2002 and their key offices around the globe can be found in Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia. To date, the organization has finished more than $1.4 billion in financial loan. EFH has a split group of experts who oversee loaning in all parts of the world. Their staff members incorporate Vincent DeFilippo who is the Chief Executive in Asia, Simon Moore as the Chief Risk Officer, Jeff Smith is the overseeing chief, and Julie LaPoints the Director of Operations among several others.

Madison Street Capital Releases Its 2016 Hedge Fund M&A Outlook

Madison Street Capital has released its annual report on the mergers and acquisition in the hedge fund industry. According to the report, 2015 saw an increase in the number of hedge fund deals as compared to 2014. The growth from 32 to 42 deals represented an increase of 27% as measured by AUM. This increase represents the highest ever volume of hedge fund M&A transactions, making 2016 a record year.

Additionally, the report showed that hedge fund industry assets are at the highest level ever in history. This is interesting since most strategies in the sector have been performing poorly. The dismal performance of strategies has seen many institutional investors setting aside funds for alternative asset management sector. Such allocations are aimed at increasing the firm’s revenues to ensure that they remain operational despite the ever-increasing costs of operations. The allocations are also helping the fund managers to deal with the pressure from clients to adjust their fees downwards. This problem is not only facing small firms but also big businesses. However, small companies are majorly affected with some not being able to raise adequate capital for their operations.

For Karl D’Cuhna, senior managing director at Madison Street Capital, the statistics show that 2016 will see an increased number of hedge fund deals. He attributes this hope to the new mechanisms that are being used to ensure that both sellers and buyers are accommodated. D’Cuhna noted that other transactions such as revenue-share stakes, PE stakes, seed or incubator deals, and PE bolt-ons would also increase in 2016. This information was originally published on Hedge Week as elucidated in the link below

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a renowned investment bank with operations in three continents. It has offices in Asia, Africa and North America. The company focuses on delivering quality corporate financial advisory services to its broad client base. With its vast experience in corporate governance and corporate finance, Madison Street Capital can respond effectively to the demands of its clients. The company is regarded as a leader in the provision of financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital’s reputation provides it with an extensive customer base. This ensures that it can effectively match buyers and sellers quickly. The investment firm can provide clients with tailor-made capitalization structure and financing solutions depending on their respective needs.

The firm has recruited the services of professionals. They have broad training background and experiences to make sure that the company meets the clients’ needs. These experts have vast expertise in corporate advisory services, business valuation, assessment of financial reporting, and provision of unbiased financial opinions. The company has loads of experience in asset management, wealth planning, and tax planning. Madison Street Capital headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. This information was originally mentioned on Madison Street Capital’s website as explained in this link

Laidlaw & Company Makes Retirement Easier

I got on the phone the first time I called Laidlaw & Company, and I had James Ahern explaining to me how his company could help me. I just knew that I wanted to be able to retire better with the money I could make from an investment firm like Laidlaw & Company, and I needed someone to put together a retirement package that would work for me. I am not a very adventurous investor, and I had no idea what I was doing. I asked the broker at Laidlaw & Company what to do, and he became like family as he walked me through the process of investing.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

I am really happy with the results that I am getting, and I know that I am able to see more progress on every report. Laidlaw & Company put my money all over in the places that I would have never picked on my own. I needed to pick something that would help me increase my profits now so that I could draw on it later, and the Laidlaw & Company broker showed me that I could be in everything from the capital markets to commodities and stocks. I have a really diverse portfolio, and it is all based on what Matthew Eitner has planned for me.

I took my needs to Laidlaw & Company for help with my retirement, and they almost immediately had something for me that made sense. I was able to see that I can the most money from investments that are not traditional, and I can check in with my broker at Laidlaw & Company any time I have a question. I feel a lot better about the retirement process, and it is because Laidlaw & Company uses the information I give them to make wise decisions for me.