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Jason Hope Explore Internet of Things in Scottsdale

Advancements in smart devices are growing. The Internet of Things has become a very popular. The tech industry now has a popular catchphrase. When it comes to the Internet of Things, it is any type of device that is network-enabled. It allows 2-way communication. Home thermostats, pacemakers, refrigerators, or any other micro-scale transponders are examples of these devices. Because of the exponential growth in of the Internet of Things, the hospitality industry is going to benefit. Jason Hope believes that the hospitality industry is the next big sector.

The general public is quickly becoming accustomed to new applications with internet-enabled consumer devices, like tablets and smartphones. It is necessary for the hospitality industry to get on board as well because of the convenience of internet technology.

Consumers will get more use to these amenities in their home because of the Internet of Things, says Jason Hope. They will end up wanting these same amenities available to them when they are on the road as well. People are going to want to hook up their smartphone to the heating and A/C unit in their room.

In 2020, there are more than 26 billion units that are suppose to be installed. The hospitality industry is an easy, comfort, efficiency, as well as personal attention. Hundreds of solutions are offered by the Internet of Things. It will address many potential issues that guest services usually address. Here are some examples of what this technology can do:

* Items can be billed automatically.

* Inventory can be monitored.

* Refills can be automatically ordered.

This technology can even build a personalized guest profile. This is to make sure that the inventory is full of the visitor’s favorite snacks and drinks when they arrive. The technology can do more than that. For instance, this technology facial recognition software. A front desk receptionist is alerted about a returning guest as well as all of their personal preferences. This makes it easier for the hotel to give the visitor the most personalized service that they can get.

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About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, and inventor. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Hope has donated time and money to a few projects because of his passion for philanthropy. The projects he has donated time and money to are in the fields of scientific research, disease cure, education, as well as biotechnology.

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