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Kamil Idris Discusses The Relationship Between Intellectual Property And The Economy

Kamil Idris is a professor from Sudan who has committed his career to studying and speaking to the importance of protecting intellectual property. The professor spent many years as the Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He also led the International Union for the Protection of Varieties of Plants. Professor Idris is highly educated with degrees from many different universities around the world.

Kamil Idris served two terms as the Director of WIPO. He originally joined the organization in 1982. At that time he was also affiliated with the International Law Commission. Professor Idris worked his way to the top position and received a six-year term as Director after the previous Senior Director had served for 25 years. He then went on to the United States to meet with Congress in 1998. Kamil Idris sat down with with members of the U.S. government to discuss safeguarding and promoting ingenuity in America. After this Professor Idris was awarded a second term as Director General of WIPO.

Intellectual property is intertwined with economic development in many different ways. Professor Idris observes this on a business and political level. He understands that countries must implement policy in order to operate in a secure manner that protects IP.

Professor Idris has observed the ups and downs in relation to protecting intellectual property since the introduction of globalization. Globalization has spread several business markets thin. International counterfeiting has been on the rise while a backlog of patent applications allow unqualified material to reach consumers. Globalization produces a greater need for resources. Supply and demand is larger than it has ever been. Mass communication promotes a high level of piracy in order to satisfy the need for product. Copyrights are buried under the activity as original material is lost in the market.

President Donald Trump implemented stiff taxes on the country of China. The President is very aware of the importance of protecting intellectual property. He has decided to hold China accountable for its theft of 225 million to 600 billion dollars of American Technology. It is estimated that the total amount of tariff taxes will add up to 50 billion dollars.