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Securus Technologies, Expanding Greatness!

Securus Technologies is a technology center that provides some of the best communications to jails and prisons all around the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has been proving state of the art communication services to their customers since 1986. Securus recently has purchased GovPayNet which will be benefiting the company in great ways in the future.


GovPayNet is a company that handles payments in digital forms for different reasons. Some of these reasons consists of citations, tickets, electronic monitoring fees, probation fees, court fees, court fines, and many other government related issues. GovPayNet has already established a healthy clientele located throughout the entire United States. The company has thousands of agencies who they work work in order to process their payments. Since Securus has purchased the company, they will now be able to process millions of more payments for people throughout the entire country. Many people are excited for the new services that Securus now has to bring to the table since they have purchased GovPayNet. GovPayNet was founded by a former officer and the spokesperson for the company seemed very excited about the new partnership.


Robert Pickens, the President of Securus, also spoke publicly and shared his feelings about the new partnership as well. For Robert, Securus has always been geared to proving their customers with nothing but the best services. Purchasing GovPayNet is just another way for the company to expand the amount of services that they are given by the company. Pickens wanted the customers and his supporters to know that even thought the amount of services are increasing the service quality level will not change. Securus will still provide quality services to all of their customers. For Securus, the company will continue to grow more and more over the years!


Protecting Prison Employees by Way of Securus Technologies

When I get in my uniform each day to work as a corrections officer in the most dangerous jail in the country, I need to be on my game or I could be seriously injured on the job. Inmates have little concern for what happens to officers, especially those serving life sentences with nothing to lose by taking out one member of law enforcement. Although we have many tools we use to keep us safe, Securus Technologies is one resource we have come to depend on for protecting us behind those prison walls.


To better understand why so many prisons around the country rely on the inmate telephone call monitoring system designed by Securus Technologies, we need to look at the people working for the company. From the CEO to the thousands of employees, each person says they are dedicated to working towards the single objective of making the world safer. The technology that the company brings to the table helps protect thousands who put their life on the line behind prison walls each day.


Once me and my team were able to get comfortable using the LBS software, we realized how essential this system really is. Not only is the call monitoring system scanning all the calls the inmates are making, it is alerting my team each time any reference to illegal activities is mentioned.


Just this month alone, we were able to stop a rival gang from starting a war in the yard because we picked up on the leader giving the order to his soldiers on the phone. We discovered where and how inmates are getting drugs into their cells. The system even helped up to identify who was bringing in excessive amounts of crack through the visitor center and handing it off to the inmates for a profit.


Working With Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

When there is a crime spree taking place in the city, my team has to be in the position to locate the treat and take care of things before the innocent residents of the city are in danger. The advantage we have is that we can make many mistakes and still get things done, the fugitive can make only one mistake and they are in custody. That being said, we had a pretty good idea who we were hunting, we just could not close the deal and get him off the streets.


Each time the suspect committed a crime, we seemed to be just a few steps behind. What we discovered was this suspect had a huge network of family and friends who were keeping a close eye on police activity, warning the suspect with scanners as to what we were up to. it was time to turn the tables and use technology to finally get this suspect off the street before he hurt another innocent person. We needed to head to the local prison to take care of business.


Securus Technologies is currently installed in our prison so that the officers can closely monitor what the inmates are saying to others on the phone. Now that the inmates knew we were there looking for information on our suspect, it would just be a matter of time before someone talked. One of the inmates picked up the phone and called his cousin to let them know what we were up to. While he thought he was helping his friend, he was actually leading us right to his door.


We followed the lead and discovered a new safe house off our radar, and when we did a closer investigation, we found our suspect hiding in the basement trying to avoid going back to jail.


Why Securus Technologies Has Continued To Shine In the Public Glare

Telecommunication industry has been expanding rapidly since the inception of communication channels. As such, many companies have developed effective communication companies that are providing essential communication platforms to many people globally. Securus Technologies is a renowned justice and criminal technology providing company that ensures public safety, correction, monitoring and investigation. The company has been investing towards providing affordable and most secure means of communication in the public domain. Due to its performance, the company has received accreditation from Better Business Bureau. This is a leading firm that conducts research to determine the suitability of the company’s operation and if they have all fulfilled the required conditions. As such, the Securus Technologies has been chosen by the Better Business Bureau as being of the company that has satisfied it to international standards. The company has been operating in the justice and criminal system and now has diversified to provide private and secure communication channels to citizens.

Securus Technologies has fulfilled the following conditions which include building trust. Here, the company has been at the center stage in maintain the trust of people and organizations in the market places is guaranteed. The company has also adhered to the advertising strategies of by following the laid down procedures and standards. The company has been trustworthy in its delivery of information and as such, it has maintained honesty standards that have seen its customer numbers to grow. The company is transparent its dealing leaving everything open for public scrutiny. Securus Technologies has also continued abiding by the set rules and regulation thus honoring promises it makes to the public. Other successes of the company is addressing dispute arising from market problem and providing the most amicable solutions. Finally the company has maintained its integrity status in the society by ensuring everything is done with good conduct and utmost professionalism.



Securus Technologies Issues a Factual Statement to Counter Lies Spread by GTL

Securus Technologies, a globally recognized supplier of technology solutions for the corrections industry, has officially released corrections to the news issued by GTL on June 7, 2016. On its press release, GTL announced that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) had allowed it to seek damages and sanctions against Securus in forthcoming infringement charges in the Texas federal court. Securus Technologies has discredited this claim by confirming that PTAB is yet to make a decision during the forthcoming hearing.


According to Securus Technologies, the PTAB has not approved any of the 55 claims presented by GTL concerning the ‘816 patent. Additionally, the PTAB did not approve any innovations of the patent in question as being patentable. Securus has also confirmed that the court hearing is unlikely to take place anytime this year contrary to what GTL has been stating in its press release.


Since its establishment, Securus has strived to enter into innovative and acceptable financial transactions and agreements with firms that utilize its patented technology. The company has entered realistic licenses with other businesses including GTL. Instead of renewing licenses or contracts, GTL has committed millions of dollars in suing Securus over patent rights.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies aims at enhancing the incarceration experience and optimizing public safety by offering state-of-the-art technology solutions. Thousands of law enforcement and correctional facilities utilize Securus’ simple, reliable, and secure technology solutions for their operations. A team consisting of proficient engineers, thinkers, designers, and technologists develop Securus’ technology solutions. The main service center of Securus Technology is located in Dallas, Texas.


The company was established in 1986, and it has regional offices in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. It has 30 years of experience of delivering top-notch technological solutions to the corrections industries. The company’s technical support group and customer care center offer full-time services. Securus Technologies is one of the dominant providers of corrections solutions with nearly 1,300 Associates nationwide.

Securus Technologies Questions Claims Made By GTL

Press releases are a way of informing the public of news about companies. Many companies use press releases on a regular basis to highlight company achievements. However, there are times when the information presented in press releases is wrong or inaccurate. At these times, the information in the press releases may have to be corrected or challenged.


Securus Technologies in an ongoing effort to correct any misinterpretations regarding recent GTL press releases related to Securus Technologies recently sent out a press release of its own. The press release focuses on claims that are considered inaccurate concerning Securus Technologies



The Securus Technologies press release simply stated in detail terms that various claims made by GTL are misleading in the manner that the claims were stated. The claims made by GTL center around technology and patents related to the technology. GTL claims are related to technology that the two companies have different opinions on related to the patents and the use of the technology.


Multiple misleading and inaccurate statements made by GTL in its press releases were highlighted in the recent press release sent out by Securus Technologies. Pointing claim by claim, Securus Technologies pointed out the issues that the Securus Technologies has with each claim made by GTL.


I feel that the recent press release by Securus Technologies does a good job of showing what Securus Technologies feel are the inaccuracies in the claims made by GTL. The inaccuracies pointed out by Securus Technologies was done in a manner that makes it easy for people to see what the issues are that Securus Technologies has with the claims made by GTL.


Securus Technologies is a technology focused company that offers a wide variety of technology related products and services to a variety of safety related organizations such as law enforcement, corrections agencies, and public safety. In addition, Securus Technologies serves over 1 million inmates across the country.



Securus Technologies Launches Safe App for Communicating with Convicts

Securus Technologies offers telecommunication services to at least 2600 correction facilities. The company designs, installs and maintains telecom systems that help facilitate the collection of prepaid and debit calling for at least one million inmates. Securus Technologies also provide other back office services that include call validation, billing and collection, and fraud management. Securus also does sell and support jail and inmate data management software, computer applications that help in record management and computer-aided dispatch. The clients of Securus Technologies include state, city and county jails. The also serve the juvenile detention institutions as well as private jails. Securus Technologies is part of the company investment firm Castle Harlan.

The company headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

Securus announced the successful introduction of its mobile application for inmate video phone calls for both Android and Apple. According to PR Newswire, the Android phone app launched less than six months ago and already has over 60,000 downloads. The Apple app version launched just over a week and now has over 5,000 downloads.

Securus Technologies Video Visit mobile app gives people another way to connect families and friends with an easy way to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. This technology is different from others will give many a different way of seeing and talking with their friend other than telephone and physically visiting.

The Securite Video Visitation app will enable families to connect with their convicted loved ones with secure video calls. This will be easy as the communication can be done on Apple and Android phones or tablets. The app is also free and will allow families share with ease special moments. Watch the Youtube app campaign to learn more.

Securus Video Visit application is available on Google Play and App Store. The app will have Linked In similar features like synchronized calendar date, provide them with notifications of forthcoming visits; it also can test cellular and Wi-Fi connection for optimum video quality.

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