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Thor Halvorssen The Fierce Protector Of Human Rights

All across the world there are various countries under the rule of authoritarian leaders. In such cases, there are always victims who suffer injustices such as incarceration, house arrest among others. The Human Rights Foundation helps these victims in voicing their plight to the whole world. With only a staff of 12, HRF has more impact in bringing massive change in political prisoners’ lives than other bigger corporation. It is based in New York and is headed by Thor Halvorssen.


Halvorssen is a force to reckon. He is half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan and was born in Caracas. At 39, he has gone on to make the world a better place by fighting oppression. His family contributes to his passion for activism. He began his interests since his teenage life. He was involved in fighting apartheid in South Africa By organizing and mobilizing people. His grandfather, Øystein was of the Norwegian king’s counsel and contributed significantly to the fight against Germans when they invaded his homeland. His mother is a descendant of Simón Bolivar, who was the military leader that aided Latin America’s independence from Spain. She is also the daughter in the lineage of Cristóbal Mendoza, who was the first president of Venezuela.


According to Huffington Post, Halvorssen has dedicated his life to fighting the great war that many can’t undertake. He believes in hands-on action and has been known to get involved in struggles with authorities. Thor and his camera operator interviewed Thich Quang Do, who is also known as the ruler of the Unified Buddist Church of Vietnam. Thich had been under house arrest for 28 years. The authorities found out and arrested and detained Thor. His camera operator was able to escape with the video card in his rectum.


Such sacrifices and risks are what make HRF the best activist group in making the real difference. Since its founding, Thor has managed to free Seven prisoners put behind bars following political reasons. Thor has also had two publications in the market. He explains how the government oppresses its people and also how to liberate yourself from oppression.

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