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Easy Party Planning Tips from a Pro Party Planner

Throw an amazing party without the stress that is all so associated with planning one. Here are some tips from a party planner that will get your creative juices flowing and organized like a boss.


Speaking of being organized, get started on that now. That is your foundation for the whole thing. If you are not organized, your head will be spinning in circles. Write to-do lists, notes, and whatever else you need to feel like you got a grip on planning this event. You can even start early by sending out invites, whether through mail or email. Don’t leave out the party favors! It is a thank you for coming. This also ensures that your guests will come to your next party. If you are feeling adventurous, create a personalized theme to go with the event. There are so many ideas on the web that you can pull through, look them up! You can hint about your theme with your invitation, so guests can look forward to what’s to come.


Now even though you want to throw the best party ever, don’t get caught up in serving the more complicated dishes ever. Keep it simple and classy with appetizers. People don’t want you to stress over food, as long as it looks good and tastes good. Follow this concept when it comes to decor. Throw down a tablecloth, plates, silverware, and a centerpiece and you’re in business. Plus, you are not spending a fortune on elaborate decorations. Not everyone has that kind of budget.


Kick up your party with a self-serve bar and specialty cocktail made by yours truly. Most people like to party with libations and everyone likes something different. Your guests will lover you for it.


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