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Andrew Rolfe Augments The Operations Of The Ubuntu Education Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a revered charitable institution. Having been in operation for over a decade, the institution has been able to help more than 400,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through the leadership of Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief, the Ubuntu Fund has continued to offer its services to the needy families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Recently, Andrew Rolfe organized for a successful gala dinner in London. The occasion attracted many philanthropists and revered entrepreneurs. Andrew enlisted the services of a Xhosa choir to provide entertainment to the guests. During the invitation-only event, Jacob Lief was given the opportunity to deliver his speech to the audience. He posited that there is great need to help the young ones. In addition, Sinesipho Rabidyani shared her inspiring story with the audience. She asserted that as a young child, her father’s drinking behavior made it difficult for her to live comfortably at home. However, she excelled in her studies. Sinesipho’s story caught the eyes of the management of the Ubuntu Fund, who in one accord decided to award her a scholarship. Presently, she is a university student pursuing a degree in law.

At the end of the event, the Fund had raised over $972,960, which is approximately R10 million in South Africa. This amount shall be used in expanding the Fund’s pediatric clinic and school campus, which are centered in Port Elizabeth. One these projects have been completed successfully, the management of the Fund will be in a position to enroll more needy students. Notably, the Ubuntu Fund is running a noble program. According to the program, the Fund supports children from their formative years until when they secure jobs. Presently, the institution is supporting over 2,000 disadvantaged children. They are seeking to increase this number in the near future.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is the chairperson of the noble institution. Under his visionary leadership, the Ubuntu Fund has managed to secure funding from different institutions, individuals and well-wishers.

Andrew is an alumnus of the Harvard University. He has extensive experience in running the operations of various organizations. This is because he is the former executive of the Gap, PepsiCo Restaurants International, Booker Foodservice and Pret A. Manger.