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Talk Fusion Unveils WebRTC Recorder to Users

Talk Fusion is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to communication and marketing. One of distinctive features that Talk Fusion offers users is the ability to record videos and send it through email. Now, Talk Fusion has released something new with its services. It is called the WebRTC Recorder. This allows people to record high quality videos with the use of the web browser of their choice. It could be Google Chrome or Safari Firefox. Among the features of WebRTC Recorder include instant recording and quick playback. This makes it easier for businessmen to promote their product with video.

Talk Fusion has been developed as a Video Marketing Solution for entrepreneurs and other businessmen that are trying to break into any given industry and profit from their efforts. Talk Fusion’s team consists of IT experts, developers, artists, and marketing specialists that will provide you with the assistance you need in order to help their clients achieve their goals. Talk Fusion works with customers of many different sizes in order to help them come up with a campaign that will compel their customers to buy the products or services being offered. Talk Fusion has achieved what companies and many experts believed to be impossible by putting video in email.

Now with the WebRTC Recorder, people will have a better ability to communicate with each other around the world. This technology makes life easier all around for people. Now, businessmen have a product that can help them get the idea across. They can use video to demonstrate the value of the product or services they are offering. This is way more effective then having to put together the right type of text in order to compel people to buy the products. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is worth noting that a video is worth millions of pictures. WebRTC Recorder allows users to paint vivid images of their vision.

Darius Fisher has Thought of Internet Marketing From an Entirely New Angle

Chaos and confusion seem to surround the online reputation management industry along with misdirected anger, hatred and misunderstanding. It is generally understood by the public that many online reputation management services utilize shady or questionable methodology and tactics to fulfill their promises and provide their services; however, a few legitimate companies with morals, fantastic public relations and trustworthy business history do exist. One such company is Status Labs, of which Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder.

The Huffington Post published a blog entry in which Fisher briefly introduces the online reputation management industry along with his company, Status Labs. The ultimate goal and service of companies in this industry and Status Labs itself is to improve, save, or aid in repair of the reputations of companies and businesses who witness a downfall in the public reception of their commercial interaction.

Ironically, Status Labs experienced its own ruthless assault of negative press and public outcry resulting in the overall defamation of the name and body of the company. The negative public reputation of Status Labs was the direct result of one of the (former) executive officers’ acting “outside of his role” and making questionable decisions.

When the public shouted its disdain for the actions of said executive, and thus Status Labs as an entity, the business achieved actualization of the specific necessity and vitality of their services. They became a reputation managing company that was now struggling and fighting to manage its own reputation.

Fisher explains that Status Labs addressed the leadership issues internally and corrected their own mistakes and improved their already flawless customer relations process to an even greater extent. After ensuring that the previous corruption and immorality could not occur again, Status Labs reached out to the public apologetically and reintroduced their company and the many various faces that allow for its effective operation. The public responded accordingly and acquired a unanimous understanding that their hatred was misplaced onto a company that was, in reality, at no fault.

Correcting the misplaced trust in a corrupt executive, Fisher details, was handled with great haste and was declared by an entirely unanimous vote by all employees and remove said official from his role. Status Labs is one of the few strong, legitimate online reputation management firms around.

More information for Status Labs:

Instagram: @statuslabs

Darius Fisher Describes How To Deal With Unfavorable Photos On The Web

Darius Fisher is one of the up and comers and bright innovators of the technology world. He has been labeled as one the top young entrepreneurs in the fields of digital marketing and reputation management. He has quickly taken a firm that he had co-founded called Status Labs and turned it into one of the world’s leading online reputation management and crisis management firms.


Mr. Fisher has used his extensive knowledge in working as a political consultant to build up his firm, Status Labs. Working in the political scene Fisher saw how crucial the perception of a person, company or party was to the public. He realized that reputation can make or break a candidate in politics. Darius Fisher now applies this same principle to businesses, athletes and other high profile individuals who’s reputations have been tarnished. Below the CEO shares some of his tips to limit the damage done by leaked photos that harm a reputation.


Fisher’s immediate advice when it comes to dealing with unfavorable photos on the web is to take action right away. Take those photos down if you can. If they are published on websites, then contact those websites. Let the administrator know clearly that you want them taken down. An attorney could help you draft a take down notice that will be legally binding if the photos are in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Don’t wait says Fisher. The sooner the photos are taken down, the less damage your reputation will take, so it pays to be proactive in such a case.


Darius Fisher’s next tip is to invest in search engine optimization. What this means is that Fisher wants positive content to rank first on search engine results page. This way people searching for your name or company will see the positive things you have done and real information about you and not scandals or leaks.


The third tip is to acknowledge the situation and deal with it promptly. You can hire a public relations firm to help you in dealing with the press. The last step is to learn from your mistakes. What did you do wrong? Where you hacked? Beef up security, take more precautions and consider updating your privacy settings on social media so an unfavorable or private photo does not get out again.


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